The Evolution of Workout Videos

Season 1 | Episode 4
11m | Feb 10, 2022

The Evolution of Workout Videos

Season 1, Episode 4

In early 2021, as gyms remained shuttered and wet weather made walks almost unbearable, Carine Abouseif found herself reaching for the nostalgia of the home workout—and she isn’t alone. Many Canadians have gravitated to home workouts over the past year. And market research suggests that this revival isn’t just a pandemic blip. Some former gym goers say they’re never going back, and many of those that do want to return plan to keep YouTube instructors in their fitness repertoire.

As part of a new digital series on wellness, Abouseif dives into the return (and evolution) of home workout videos. While the VHS tapes of workouts past touted trimmer waists and sculpted calves, today’s fitness regimes promise something much more vague: strength.

This week, Angela Misri speaks with Carine Abouseif, a features editor at The Walrus, about her article on the history and revival of the home workout. Before joining The Walrus, Abouseif edited news and features at the Globe and Mail, and her writing has also appeared in Maisonneuve and This Magazine.  

In this episode:

We hear about what inspired Abouseif’s story on the home workout.

We learn about the evolution of home workout videos from Jack LaLanne to Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons.

We dig into the current trend in YouTube workout challenges.

After that, we hear what Abouseif is listening to right now.

Finally, we check in on five things we’re talking about this week at The Walrus.


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