How to Boost Organ Donation (Without More Donors)

Season 1 | Episode 15
19m | Apr 28, 2022

Organ donation is complex for many reasons: not only is it often an emotional decision that has to be made during a family’s time of grief, but many factors have to align for a recipient to receive the organ from a donor. And, in Canada, with its vast geography, getting organs to those in need before it’s too late becomes even more difficult. 

Karin Olafson explains why so many donated organs can’t be used, how two Canadian doctors are working to ease the logistical strain on the donation process, and why she decided to look into this issue in the first place. Olafson is a Vancouver-based writer who focuses on health, science, and fitness. 


This week’s episode of The Deep Dive was produced and edited by Angela Misri and Sheena Rossiter. 

Thanks so much to Karin Olafson for joining us this week. 

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