61. Escaping the Trap of Credit Card Payments with Kristina

Season 2
57m | May 27, 2024

If you've ever wondered how long it would take to see results if you switched from budgeting by month to budgeting by pay period, today's episode is for you. Kristina is a mom of four, a pastor's wife, a nurse, and a runner. And today she's here to share her story of switching to budgeting by pay period in January, and the amount of transformation she's seen, not only in her finances, but also in her mindset about her money in just three short months.

Kristina shares her struggles with traditional monthly budgeting, the financial and mental stress she experienced, and how pay period budgeting has revolutionized her family's finances and mindset in just three months. From overcoming challenges with inconsistent income to establishing emergency funds and tackling high-interest debt, Kristina's story shows the power of accurate, realistic budgeting. We talk about the frequent fresh starts provided by pay period budgeting and how it relieves the stress of managing our home finances.

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01:54 Discovering Pay Period Budgeting: A Game Changer

03:17 The Practicalities of Pay Period Budgeting

06:24 Overcoming Debt and Financial Stress with New Strategies

11:22 The Impact of Pay Period Budgeting on Family Finances

15:16 Embracing Technology and Mindset Shifts for Financial Freedom

16:48 Collaborative Budgeting: A Couple's Journey to Financial Harmony

24:57 Budgeting Success: From Credit Card Debt to Planning for the Future

25:30 Setting Financial Goals: Trips, Hospital Bills, and Beyond

26:29 The Impact of Budgeting on Debt and Savings

27:38 Reevaluating Spending: The Shift from Frivolous to Focused

28:23 The Power of a Planned Budget: Reducing Uncertainty

29:42 Embracing Budget Buffers: A Strategy for Flexible Spending

33:57 Celebrating Small Wins: The Importance of Rewarding Progress

41:34 Fortune Cookie Finance: The Top 3 Most Common Financial Goals

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