54. Alexandra's Plan for Her Unpaid Maternity Leave with Variable Income

Season 2
40m | Apr 8, 2024

It is so easy to focus on what makes our own finances the exception to the rule.

  • Why other people can budget, but we can't.
  • Why other people can put money in savings, but we can't.
  • Why other people can eat food from home, but we can't.

But what if we started challenging ourselves to find the positive side of our financial picture, whatever that may be? Because it is there.

Today's guest has taken the challenges of variable income and learned how to plan wisely for her family, even as they face an unpaid maternity leave.

Plus, Kyle joins Carly for a brand new segment we're trying out called Financial Fortune Cookie. If you love it or (if hate it), let us know what you think!

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