50. How to Spend Less on Groceries in a High Cost of Living Area with Alli Powell (Grocery Getting Girl) - Feed the Family Mini Series

Season 2
48m | Mar 11, 2024

I talk about grocery spending and feeding my family well on a relatively low budget all the time, but I live in the rural Midwest, the heart of farm country where grocery prices are relatively low. What about when you live somewhere with a high cost of living like San Diego, California? Today's guest, Allie Powell, also known on Instagram as Grocery Getting Girl, is here to share about grocery shopping and meal planning for her family in such a high cost of living area. She talks about how to decide where to grocery shop, how to by in bulk the right way, and how to find time to cook at home when your schedule is packed.

Kyle also returns for another segment of Not Worth Your Money where we discuss a recent controversy over Wendy's food prices.

Connect with Alli Powell to get more of her great food spending advice:

Alli also wrote a book called "How to Save on Groceries." If you're listening to this in March of 2024, later this month in the Care Creates Community I'm going to do a live call talking to the members about grocery spending and meal planning. We will be giving away three copies of Alli's book. She's generously given us a few copies to get it out into a lot of hands, but this giveaway will only be available to members of the Care Creates Community. Get the support you need to reach your financial goals by becoming a member today for just $9/month at

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