9/12/23: Biden impeachment thumbs up, Trump threatens dictatorship

1h 0m | Sep 12, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy will endorse an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden

-- Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace admits that Republicans have no actual EVIDENCE against Joe Biden in support of impeachment

-- President Joe Biden makes a deal with Iran and Republicans predictably attack him and criticize the deal

-- Failed former President Donald Trump openly threatens to become a dictator, and Republicans cheer it

-- Failed former President Donald Trump melts down on 9/11 over President Joe Biden

-- Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is completely off the rails about Donald Trump's indictments during a recent Joe Rogan appearance

-- Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says states should consider secession if they don't get their way

-- Donald Trump enters the next stage of grief as his Georgia criminal trial will be televised globally

-- Donald Trump is likely doomed by a stunning new development in one of his criminal cases

-- Voicemail caller says that David's videos are sickening, devilish, and satanic

-- On the Bonus Show: Georgia grand jury recommends charges against three US senators, California moves to decriminalize magic mushrooms and other psychedelics, outrage over New Mexico's temporary gun ban, much more...

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