9/1/23: DeSantis threatens looters with shooting, Trump overstated net worth by $2+ billion

1h 1m | Sep 1, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- Ron DeSantis threatens to shoot looters in the wake of Hurricaneย Idalia

-- Donald Trump reportedly overstated his net worth by $2.2 billion according to the office ofย New York Attorney General Letitia James

-- Post-debate polls show that Donald Trump skipping out on the first Republican primary debate had essentially no impact on his chances

-- Caller asks why Donald Trump wanted to hold onto classified documents

-- Caller wonders if many Americans aren't smart because of our poor education system

-- Caller talks about the success of our critical thinking children's book "Think Like a Detective"

-- Caller discusses some of the issues facing Florida

-- Caller talks about improving Democrats' chance in red states

-- Caller suspects Joe Biden isn't doing enough to get re-elected

-- The Friday Feedback segment

-- On the Bonus Show: Proud Boys leaders sentenced in January 6th case, Rudy Giuliani liable for defaming Georgia election workers, Pope Francis criticizes American conservatives, and much more...

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