9/15/23: State tries taking Trump off ballot, Chris Christie to confront Trump

56m | Sep 15, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- A Trump-appointed judge rules against Trump by requiring him and his lawyers to only review classified documents in a secure location

--ย A progressive group sues to kick Donald Trump off the ballot in Minnesota, citing the 14th Amendment's insurrection clause

-- 2024 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie says he plans to find and confront Donald Trump on the campaign trail

-- Caller asks if the Biden impeachment inquiry will backfire on Republicans

-- Caller wonders if Kevin McCarthy will lose the speakership over the Biden impeachment inquiry

-- Caller discusses social democracy and capitalism

-- Caller asks if Vivek Ramaswamy being Indian and Hindu will hurt his chances in the Republican primary

-- Caller talks about the "Think Like a Detective" book sales

-- Caller wonders why the left is generally against nuclear power

-- The Friday Feedback segment

-- On the Bonus Show: Trump confesses to crimes in Megyn Kelly interview, Alex Jones spending $93K a month despite claiming bankruptcy, GOP mad at Tuberville for blocking military promotions, and much more...

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