5/24/24: Massive doc dump in Trump's bedroom, Fox host confused and disoriented

57m | May 24, 2024

-- On the Show:

-- A newly released court filing reveals that Donald Trump had even more classified documents than those originally found by the FBI, and they were in his bedroom

-- Fox News host Lawrence Jones is painfully confused about how oil, gas, drilling, refining, and vehicles work during a strange segment

-- Steve Bannon, former Trump propagandist, issues a terrifying warning about the forthcoming implementation of Project 2025

-- Caller discusses the Trump New York hush money trial

-- Caller asks about the prospect of a Joe Biden impeachment

-- Caller asks David how he learned English

-- Caller wants to know how to convince progressives to vote for Biden

-- Caller asks about the state of the economy

-- Caller has friends who think Republicans are better for business

-- The Friday Feedback segment

-- On the Bonus Show: The Friday Bonus Show hosted by Producer Pat

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