9/4/23: Fox News brutally sued again, FBI hearings implode (CLASSIC EPISODE FROM 7/13/23)

58m | Sep 4, 2023


-- On the Show:

-- Ruth Ben-Ghiat, internationally acclaimed historian, Professor of History and Italian Studies at New York University, and author of "Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present," joins David to discuss the authoritarian slide of the Republican Party, and much more. Get her book:

-- Republican FBI hearings, meant to make FBI Director Christopher Wray look bad, backfire spectacularly

-- Fox News is hit with another major lawsuit, this time from Ray Epps, who has been a target of the right for some time now

-- Daily Wire right-winger Michael Knowles declares that "science is mostly fake" and "condoms are gay"

-- The 2024 election is increasingly chaotic as an RFK Jr. dinner devolves into flatulence, and Cornel West's campaign is rattling some Democrats

-- Donald Trump again claims that President Joe Biden is using cocaine in a disgusting interview

-- Donald Trump is massively triggered by Chris Christie's attacks on him, leading Trump to rant uncontrollably on Truth Social

-- MyPillow Mike Lindell is so desperate to keep his company afloat that he's now trying to advertise on The David Pakman Show

-- Voicemail caller suggests buying MyPillow Mike Lindell's sprinter van for Luke Beasley to have to drive to Trump rallies

-- On the Bonus Show: Plastic surgeon banned from medicine after live-streaming surgeries, MSNBC host blames Biden's staff for setting him up to stumble and fall, upcoming interviews, the latest version of the book, much more...

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