5/8/23: 11 mass shootings this weekend, DeSantis can't handle it

1h 3m | May 8, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- 11 mass shootings and more than 300 shootings total in the United States this past weekend

-- Gun-loving former police officer Steven Spainhouer says it's time to do something about guns after the latest Texas mass shooting

-- Republican Representative Keith Self says that prayer does work to stop mass shootings in a totally unhinged rant

-- The latest jobs report is a blowout as black unemployment hits an all-time low in the United States

-- A top rated poll from ABC says that both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis would easily defeat Joe Biden in a 2024 election faceoff

-- Donald Trump claimed on video that he was going to New York to testify in the E. Jean Carroll trial, and then his attorney said Trump will not be testifying

-- Donald Trump mistakes the alleged victim, E. Jean Carroll, for his own ex-wife, Marla Maples, during a wild deposition

-- The real cancel culture is coming from the American right wing, not the left wing

-- Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis clearly cannot handle tough questions, ending up massively triggered once again at his own press conference

-- Voicemail caller is obese but says he "identifies as thin"

-- On the Bonus Show: Under 35% think Biden has "mental sharpness" for second term, Seattle Public Library launches banned book access program, TX lawmaker lobbies for gunshot wound training for 3rd graders, much more...

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