2/5/24: Trump confronted on Fox, Newsom slams Republicans

1h 2m | Feb 5, 2024

-- On the Show:

-- Luke Beasley, host of The Luke Beasley Show, fills in for David

-- House Speaker Mike Johsnon is confronted on Meet the Press over his hypocrisy

-- Fox Business host Maria Baritoromo confronts Donald Trump on a few issues during an interview

-- Fox Business host Larry Kudlow admits he's wrong about Joe Biden's economy

-- Gavin Newsom lampoons Republicans during an MSNBC interview

-- JD Vance has his mic cut and gets brutally confronted during an ABC News interview

-- Donald Trump spent $20,000 on his staged pro-union event

-- Republican Senator James Lankford calls out his party over torpedoing a border deal

-- On the Bonus Show: Biden wins South Carolina primary, Nikki Haley on Trump's border deal opposition, Biden speaks in Delaware, and much more...

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