5/23/23: Fox gushes about Tim Scott as Trump sued for more defamation

1h 1m | May 23, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- Tom Gabor, criminologist and author of five books on gun violence including "American Carnage: Shattering the Myths That Fuel Gun Violence," joins David to discuss gun violence, prevention, and more. Get the book:

--Republican Senator Tim Scott's 2024 Republican presidential campaign starts off as cringeworthy as you might imagine in South Carolina

-- Fox & Friends hosts are gushing about Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott, seemingly desperate for someone other than Donald Trump to be the nominee

-- More than 100 former Donald Trump officials now back Ron DeSantis, but MAGA voters truly do not seem to care

-- Tulsi Gabbard, who regularly uses fear to manipulate people, criticizes those who use fear to manipulate people

-- Nursing PhD John Campbell criticizes a Phase I vaccine clinical trial despite the trial conforming to what Campbell himself has previously reported is completely typical for Phase I trials

-- Donald Trump is sued even more by E. Jean Carroll for his allegedly defamatory statements about her during his recent CNN town hall

-- Donald Trump can't stop playing the victim, including during a recent Real America's Voice interview, and non-stop on Truth Social

-- Anti-drag Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's boyfriend, Brian Glenn, has been "caught" in drag, but Greene simply laughs it off

-- Voicemail caller attacks David as an "intellectual douche"

-- On the Bonus Show: Nazi flag found in truck that crashed near White House, Ireland will require warnings on alcoholic beverages, DeSantis' police program lures officers with violent records, much more...

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