9/6/23: Proud Boy gets 22 years, Elon Musk blames the Jews

1h 2m | Sep 6, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is sentenced to 22 years in prison, the stiffest sentence so far among the defendants related to the 2021 insurrection

-- The Supreme Court will soon decide whether to take a case related to Donald Trump's eligibility to hold public office again in the context of possible violations of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution

-- Elon Musk, of Twitter/X, Tesla, and Spacex fame, is now blaming the Jewish civil rights group Anti-Defamation League for Twitter's demise

-- The legal arguments being made by Donald Trump and his lawyers in court are so absurd that a prosecutor is asking Trump and his sons be fined

-- Former Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson goes full conspiracy by interviewing Larry Sinclair, a convicted con man who claims to have had sex with former President Barack Obama

-- Failed former President Donald Trump explodes in an all caps rant related to non-white support, a new line of attack being adopted by many on the MAGA right wing

-- Major Republican donors are dumping Ron DeSantis as it becomes clear he doesn't have what it takes to win the Republican presidential nomination

-- Theorizing about how the Donald Trump MAGA cult will eventually end

-- Voicemail caller asks whether blue states are "better" than red states

-- On the Bonus Show: Bernie Sanders champions 32-hour work week, pilot dies in harebrained gender reveal stunt, Republican Congressman George Santos could be considering guilty plea in federal fraud case, much more...

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