• Merry Gigsmas

    Last weekend The Young'uns did a very mini Christmas tour and here is a compilation of clips from those gigs, in a podcast hilariously titled Merry Gigsmas.

    49m | Dec 22, 2022
  • The Wedding

    We weren't planning on playing clips from our wedding on the podcast, primarily because we thought it would be boring for you: "I do" "I Will" "to have and to hold" etc etc. But then the wedding turned out to be a bit more exciting than anticipated. Listen to find out why.

    37m | Oct 6, 2022
  • Liz Truss Alarm clock

    We head back thirty years to my eighth birthday in Cassette Roulette; we learn about a mad Victorian scientist's experiments with monkey testicles in Ellie Skinner's Weekly Animal Penis fact; and we visit Biscuit And brew Tea House in Nottingham for Herbal Tea Of The week. Plus I reveal the Fine Young Cannibals' dirty little secret, we hear of a highly unusual fetish and I collaborate with two twelve-year-old girls to create a death metal song.

    1h 8m | Sep 15, 2022
  • Featuring Matthew Crampton and The Reincarnated Soul Of Little Richard As a Panda

    We're joined by our good friend, the velvet voiced author and
    raconteur Matthew Crampton. He hosts our first animal penis fact quiz,
    live from Folk East Festival in Suffolk. He also accompanies us on our
    London tea based adventure for a multifaceted Herbal Tea Of The Week.
    Plus there's a very weird Spammer time courtesy of eliza carthy and yet another
    harrowing journey story.

    1h 8m | Aug 29, 2022
  • Mr. Pie And The Cryogenics

    This week's The David Eagle Podcast is all over the place, in both senses of the phrase. I return from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival having met some interesting characters including a chatty undertaker and a teenager in the woods with a rather confusing proposition. I have a near-death experience in Loughborough, cause chaos in a swimming pool in Sheffield, and Herbal Tea Of The week comes live from Tea Sutra Teahouse in Newcastle. IN Cassette Roulette we meet Mr Pie, and Ellie learns some harsh home truths in our feature spammer time.


    59m | Aug 18, 2022
  • Grant Baynham

    This week we celebrate the life of one of my musical comedy heroes, Grant Baynham, who passed away on July 29th. Here you can spend forty minutes in his company as he regales us with songs, stories and silliness, plus he even takes part in everyone's favourite feature, Herbal Tea Of The week.

    40m | Aug 12, 2022
  • Why In Tarnation Are You Dressed As An Austrian Shepherdess?

    We're back in the studio with the return of regular features. Spammer time, where we meet a rather flirtatious IT teacher; Cassette Roulette provides us with some very weird and intriguing 90s radio clips, and Ellie Skinner's Weekly Animal Penis Fact turns its attention on the fox. Plus, another harrowing journey story, I become a role model for kids and we discover my unusual stage walk-on ritual.

    37m | Aug 5, 2022
  • Gig Diary 1. Introducing Jimmy, The Pornographic Audiobook Recording Fetish Club Blues Singer

    Come with me on a comedy road trip as I travel From Hull down to Brighton, performing comedy to pensioners, students and even a room full of babies. Step this way for jokes, anecdotes, an array of highly unusual heckles, plus a collection of colourful characters including a very keen doorman, an unscrupulous cemetery officer, a B&B owner with a penchant for pranks, and of course Jimmy the pornographic audiobook recording fetish club blues singer of birmingham.

    42m | Jul 28, 2022
  • Out With The Old (2021 Podcast Highlights) Part 2

    Happy new year. Here's part 2 of our podcast that features some highlights from 2021. Two animal themed quizzes starring folk musician Alex Cumming and comedian Paul Silky White; my dance hit inspired by an angry Australian bloke shouting about his penis; the story of my first foray into stand up comedy at the age of five; and a very weird radio show from my fourteen-year-old self.


    Feel free to chuck some pennies into our podcast PayPal pot at davideagle.co.uk


    59m | Jan 1, 2022
  • Out With The Old (2021 Podcast Highlights) Part 1

    A selection of podcast highlights from 2021. Spot popping, Princess Margaret erotica, Phil Nichol plays an adult quiz "courtesy" of our anti-social neighbours; there's an epic, surreal military-based drama, weird Christian music, and more.

    Part 2 is released New Year's Day.

    Feel free to chuck some pennies into our Podcast PayPal pot at davideagle.co.uk


    Happy new year.


    51m | Dec 31, 2021
  • Christmas 2021

    It's our Christmas podcast, featuring a Christmas Miracle courtesy of a seasonal Spammer Time, some ramshackle Christmas rapping, a Christmas quiz (with a special guest), A Christmassy cassette Roulette, Christmas animal Penis facts, a festive Herbal Tea Of The week, and lots more.


    1h 7m | Dec 18, 2021
  • Why Is There A Norwegian Architect In My Bed?

    It's quite a quiz-heavy podcast this week. Test your 90s music knowledge, are you more intelligent than the average listener to a late night Teesside radio quiz show? And can you deduce the film that I am recreating with my incredible acting skills? Other questions included in this week's podcast: why is there a Norwegian architect in my bed? Are there any teenagers called Nigel? And have you ever made love in a swimming pool? There's more genital talk courtesy of Ellie Skinner's Weekly Animal Penis Fact and a rather strange genital-based Spammer Time.


    49m | Dec 2, 2021
  • Oh Pussy cat, What have you done? Oh Cursed Beast, Why Do You Come?

    Nowadays David Eagle is a respected and indeed revered songwriter, with such classic hits to his name as Killing My Dog for Satan and What A C**t. This week we get an insight into his songwriting genius as we listen into the process of his fifteen year old self creating a new song from scratch. This is a must-listen for budding songwriters, or even established songwriters looking to up their game. Plus of course there's more animal penis facts (as is our duty) , a disturbing spam email and Ellie tries her hand at gangster rap.

    48m | Nov 18, 2021
  • Nocturnal Noises And Perfect Pooping

    David has an awkward pistachio nut based incident with comedian Tom wrigglesworth. We receive a video from a listener featuring some rather odd night-time noises which may or may not be inspired by my anecdote on last week's podcast about the time I accidentally made a sex tape. Plus more odd spam emails and a new exciting feature with a new exciting jingle.

    28m | Nov 4, 2021
  • Prokofiev's On The stereo, Things Are Getting steamy!

    Join me in the kitchen for two tales of tube-based altercation, and the story of that time I made an accidental sex tape.

    25m | Oct 24, 2021
  • The Kardashians In Cumbria, Captioning Confusion and Cold Cuppa Culminations

    Featuring Boney M news, a very moving tribute to John Challis. A triplet of teas culminates our Herbal Tea Of The Week series, but only one tea can be crowned king of the cold brews. Plus more desultory DJing, captioning confusion and a cornucopia of characters, including our new Australian podcast producer and the return of Tom from the 90s Ford Jennings North East radio commercial.

    54m | Sep 30, 2021
  • What Do You Get When You Cross Frank Spencer With a Labrador Retriever?

    Can a monitor lizard love you? Can trains fly? And what do you get when you cross frank Spencer with a Labrador Retriever? It might well be our cold brew series, but nevertheless things are really hotting up in Herbal Tea Of The week. Plus eccentric DJing, weird radio commercials, unusual impressions, and a story about a dog infiltrating our theatre show


    48m | Sep 15, 2021
  • Spatula Spanker

    We are invited to join the illuminati, Ellie gets into a street fight, and we receive some surreal sex education from a weird old woman.

    1h 4m | Sep 6, 2021
  • Featuring A Surprise Appearance From Boycie

    More train travel tribulations, a nerdy shoutout, a disturbing infomercial, the FBI get in touch, and how will this week's cold brew herbal tea fare?

    41m | Aug 27, 2021
  • Cruel Britannia

    At 11pm on Saturday 31st July I was turfed out onto the street by Britannia Sachas Hotel in Manchester, despite having booked and paid for a room. They had sold my room on to someone else at a higher cost. Last week I devised a plan to gain my revenge on Britannia Hotels. I wrote a song about them, contacted the newspapers, sent emails, Facebook invites and tweets to fellow folk singers and comedians in the Manchester area. The idea was for us all to flash mob the hotel with my song. Hundreds of people expressed an interest in joining me. Manchester Evening News said they wanted to cover the event. This podcast is a recording of what occurred when we travelled to Manchester to picket Britannia Sachas Hotel with my song of protest. How many people would join me, and will the newspaper reporter turn up to cover it? Find out in this instalment of The David Eagle Podcast.

    32m | Aug 9, 2021
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