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The Dark Paranormal

True Stories, from terrified people. The darkest unexplained stories, direct from the source. Keep one eye open, or you may end up on the show.


A Spirits Anger
Show Details39min 7s
Return to Room 232
Show Details47min 47s
The Hidden
Show Details38min 24s
The Stalking Darkness
Show Details48min 53s
The Darkest Chapter, The Conclusion
Show Details1hr 5min
Halloween Special: The Darkest Chapter Part One
Show Details54min 20s
From Dark to Diabolical
Show Details52min 2s
The Menacing Follower
Show Details37min 37s
The Demons Doorway
Show Details39min 16s
Sinister Traditions
Show Details36min 13s
An Unholy Worship
Show Details39min 53s
The Gathering Unseen
Show Details35min 8s
The Servants Of Darkness
Show Details38min 49s
Hate Springs Eternal
Show Details35min 28s
A Dark Portal
Show Details35min 58s
A Coven Of Crows
Show Details33min 22s
Bonus: Dabbling with Darkness
Show Details31min 58s
Evil In Life, Evil In Death
Show Details35min 46s
A Relentless Evil
Show Details38min 9s
The Family Reaper
Show Details35min 21s
The Frozen Lake
Show Details39min
Malevolence Arrives
Show Details32min 25s
An Unholy Darkness
Show Details31min 17s
An Unwelcome Guest
Show Details44min 25s
Room 232
Show Details53min 6s
The Devils of Dalkeith
Show Details35min 52s
Blood Runs Deep
Show Details30min 41s
A Dark Bonus: 2 Listener Submitted Stories
Show Details34min 29s
Anneliese Michel
Show Details36min 7s
The Conjuring House
Show Details36min 13s
The Queen of Satan
Show Details34min 51s
The Sauchie Poltergeist
Show Details30min 14s
The Haunting of Thornton Heath
Show Details30min 59s
The Hexham Heads
Show Details30min 10s
The Possession of Anna Ecklund
Show Details30min 54s
The Great Amherst Mystery
Show Details30min 1s
The South Shields Poltergeist
Show Details33min 13s
The Smurl Family Haunting
Show Details39min 22s
Bonus: Dark Bites - A Diabolical Intervention
Show Details35min 19s
The Tortured Soul
Show Details30min 38s
The Haunted Orphan
Show Details33min 30s
A Dark Curse
Show Details33min 34s
Something Very Old, & Very Evil
Show Details30min 2s
An Unholy Haunting
Show Details30min 12s
Our Childhood Demons
Show Details37min 11s
Bonus Patreon Episode
Show Details29min 54s
The Darkness Within
Show Details30min 28s
The Witches Cellar
Show Details32min 14s
A Honeymoon from Hell
Show Details32min 34s
The Devils Lake
Show Details31min 53s
Season Finale: The Sallie House
Show Details35min 35s
The Bell Witch
Show Details31min 45s
The Portal to Hell - Concluded
Show Details30min 13s
The Demon House
Show Details30min 15s
The Dybbuk Box - The true story behind ”The Possession”
Show Details36min 3s
Hellfire Farm
Show Details37min 49s
London‘s Most Haunted House - 50 Berkley Square
Show Details30min 52s
The Black Monk of Pontefract
Show Details33min 46s
The Haunting of Bill Vaile
Show Details41min 55s
The Devil Made Me Do It
Show Details34min 3s
Season 3 Finale: My Paranormal Life
Show Details33min 13s
A Demonic Duo
Show Details30min 57s
The Ghost Boy of Budapest
Show Details30min 12s
Witches in Suburbia
Show Details33min 14s
The Necronomicon
Show Details36min 18s
The Surrounding
Show Details30min
When the dead...speak
Show Details30min 8s
The Haunting of Hannath Hall
Show Details30min 1s
No Show Announcement
Show Details56s
The Demonic Attachment
Show Details36min 17s
Doors to the Other Side
Show Details33min 57s
Season 3 Announcement
Show Details1min 41s
The Haunting of Borley Rectory - Concluded. The Season Finale
Show Details31min 12s
The Haunting of Borley Rectory
Show Details31min 23s
A Haunting in Connecticut - Concluded
Show Details34min
A Haunting in Connecticut
Show Details31min 53s
The Enfield Poltergeist - Concluded
Show Details33min 31s
The Enfield Poltergeist
Show Details32min 49s
The Exorcist - The Real Story, The Conclusion
Show Details32min 33s
The Exorcist - The Real Story
Show Details32min 24s
The Amityville Horror - Uncovered
Show Details30min 24s
The Amityville Horror
Show Details37min 39s
Season 1 Finale: The Curse & The Nightshift
Show Details37min 29s
Black Magic
Show Details31min 58s
The Witch of Coniston
Show Details30min 32s
Saint Liar
Show Details24min
The Hanging Man
Show Details28min 27s
The Entity
Show Details29min 7s
The Ouija Board
Show Details21min 56s
Haunted Room 28
Show Details29min 6s
The Exorcism
Show Details25min 24s
The Sad Man
Show Details21min 8s