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The Dairy Podcast Show

On this podcast, Dr. Abigail Carpenter, Dr. Mark J. Thomas, Dr. Barry Bradford, and Dr. Joseph W. McFadden interview the brightest minds of the global dairy industry.


#04 - Ketosis: still a concern with dairy cows? - Dr. Andres Contreras Bravo
Show Details38min 37s
#03 - How can we improve dairy production efficiency? It's time to boost dairy production efficiency - Dr. Enrique Schcolnik
Show Details46min 1s
#02 - Technology revolution on dairy farms: where are we? - Aidan Connolly
Show Details28min 36s
#01 - The past, present, and future of dairy nutrition - Dr. Mike Hutjens
Show Details43min 38s
Welcome to The Dairy Podcast Show
Show Details41s