The Daily Brain Bleed

A weekly collection of observations and musings from two guys with a lot of opinions.


Episode 25 - Lets Put the Fun in FunFest
Show Details43min 36s
Episode 24.5 - Russian Summer Special
Show Details43min 4s
Episode 24 - The Simple Intrigue of Public Service Feat. Mayor Shull
Show Details30min 26s
Episode 23 - Today's Yesterday Next Month War
Show Details49min 13s
Episode 22 - Conjure Up Some Content
Show Details56min 37s
Episode 21 - Sinner Sinner, Chicken Dinner
Show Details58min 30s
Episode 20 - The Brainbleed Hat Trick Ft. Snyder-Insider Chris McElroy
Show Details54min 19s
Episode 19 - The Absolute Hubris of Quibi
Show Details52min 28s
Episode 18 - Violent Superhero Cartoon, but Good?
Show Details51min 8s
Episode 17 - The Episode About Whiplash
Show Details59min 2s
Episode 16 - Let's Get Wavy, Davy
Show Details52min 28s
Episode 15 - Wagner, How-To's, and Sports?
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 14 - Assemble the Boys, We're Talking About Mortal Kombat
Show Details51min 46s
Episode 13 - Who's Been Winning All the Oscars?
Show Details49min 29s
Episode 12 - The Sound of Egypt
Show Details52min 42s
Episode 11 - We Should Talk About Animation
Show Details54min 36s
Episode 10 - A Very Strict Discussion of Stranger Than Fiction
Show Details52min 7s
Episode 9 - Female Villains and Illicit Oscar Betting! Feat. Hannah Swayze
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 8 - Talking WandaVision and Constructive Criticism with Corey Schmalzle
Show Details58min 22s
Episode 7 - Dr. Seuss, Golden Globes, and Old Hot Takes
Show Details43min 46s
Episode 6 - We Need to Talk About Pirates
Show Details49min 42s
Episode 5 - A Brief Sojourn Into Interviews Feat. Chris McElroy
Show Details53min 48s
Episode 4 - Free Britney and Read The Subs!
Show Details49min 4s
Episode 3 - Glitzy Oreos and Oscar Drama!
Show Details48min 38s
Episode 2 - British Invasion and Big Ol' Monkey
Show Details48min 54s
Episode 1 - Much Ado About Knives Out
Show Details49min 40s