The CW Spiral 2x28: Nancy Drew is going off the rails

Season 2 | Episode 28
1h 26m | Aug 14, 2023

In all honesty, Nancy Drew has gone off the rails but Sabrina Reed and Michael Patterson do their best to catch Reed Gaudens up on the latest shenanigans happening in Horseshoe Bay. Also, the trio review Heartstopper season 2, the loveliest show with the most heartfelt romance at its center.

Looking for a certain section of the episode? Here are some timestamps:

0:17 - CW News: Can you stream the pulled CW shows and can the delayed series make a 13 episode season?

15:51 - Nancy Drew 4x11 review: A hot mess with a side of Seder

47:36 - Heartstopper season 2 review: Still the best YA out right now

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