The CW Spiral 2x23: Bizarrdoom is here!

Season 2 | Episode 23
1h 57m | Jul 3, 2023

The Superman & Lois season 3 finale was nothing short of epic. Sabrina Reed, Michael Patterson, and Reed Gaudens have glowing praise for how the season wraps though that doesn't mean the show escapes criticism for its handling of some of the plots. Let's just say they have some parting shots about the supporting characters.

Also on deck: Two thirds of the Spiral give an out of context review of the Gotham Knights series finale while Michael shares his thoughts and fills in the gaps. The plot on Nancy Drew was plotting but that doesn't mean the trio were keeping up with it. And, though the Mole has gotten a promotion, that doesn't mean the Spiral are done manifesting and hoping he can make their wishes come true.

Looking or a specific part of the pod? Here are some timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

0:23 - Superman: Legacy's Clark Kent and Lois Lane have been cast

9:18 - Superman & Lois season 3 finale review: Epic!

57:41 - Gotham Knights series finale review: The show proved everyone wrong

1:16:59 - Nancy Drew 4x05 review: The plot was plotting

1:50:58 - Manifesting a Riverdale retrospective and a coffee table book

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