The CW Spiral 2x15: Hot takes and the end of our Nancy Drew season 3 journey

Season 2 | Episode 15
1h 37m | May 8, 2023

Sabrina Reed, Michael Patterson, and Reed Gaudens have finally caught up with the rest of the Drew Fam. That's right, the Spiral have finished Nancy Drew season 3 and they have some hot takes to share about the finale and Nace. So settle in. They've got a season wrap-up to do and some season 4 manifesting!

Looking for a specific part of the pod? Here are some timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

0:31 - FBOY Island season 3 claims a spot in the fall. FGIRL Island is coming midseason.

4:48 - Superman & Lois 3x07 review: Clark Kent is more than Superman and this show gets it

36:41 - The Flash 9x10 review: Barry comes full circle with a splash of villainy

54:54 - Nancy Drew 3x12-3x13 review: A solid finale but we need to talk about Nace

1:33:04 - The Nancy Drew season 4 synopsis with a side of manifesting

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