• Ep 129: Life Updates, Summer Travel, and Writing my Memoir!

    In this solo episode, Leya shares a seasonal life update! We talk about checking in on our goals midway through the year and what she's been learning through her own creative process, as well as recapping a trip she recently took to Italy and Greece!

    We discuss:

    • Showing up to our writing practice
    • Telling your story and the process of writing a memoir
    • Leya's experience attending a retreat for survivors of child sexual abuse
    • Leya's experience attending a writing retreat and sharing her story with others
    • Finding your voice and having the courage to speak
    • Sharing the process of self-publishing her second poetry book, coming out this fall!
    • A recap of mine and my husbands 2 week trip to Europe through Italy and Greece!
    • Intentions for the remainder of 2024

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    Saprea Retreat

    Ep 84: How I Self Published a Book of Poetry

    Mari Andrew

    Contact Leya: @leyavandoren

    S2 - 53m - Jul 11, 2024
  • Ep 128: The Spiritual Transformation from Maiden to Bride (+ Wedding Day Recap!)

    In this special solo episode, Leya shares ALL the details about her wedding day on the first anniversary of her wedding!

    We talk about:

    • The wedding planning process being a portal of transformation
    • The death and rebirth cycle of transitions
    • Why grief can come up during the wedding planning process
    • How to infuse intention & ceremony throughout the wedding day
    • Having a sober curious wedding
    • Navigating stress, overwhelm, family drama, to come out more embodied on the other side
    • Surrendering to the WEATHER on your wedding day
    • Recapping the chaos and beauty of Leya and Paxton's wedding day!
    • Plus some of Leya's favorite wedding moments :)

    Enjoy and send to any friends who are getting married or have gotten married!

    Songs Mentioned:

    • Escala by Palladio
    • Old With You by Chuck Wicks
    • She's Magic by Mike Parker
    S2 - 1h 48m - Jun 25, 2024
  • Ep 127: ft. Shannon Keating on Connecting to your Authentic Self (+ Details on The Soul Radiance Retreat!)

    Shannon Keating is a Holistic Life Coach for Women, Teen Girls in Middle/High School, & Young Adult Women in College. She supports women with self empowerment, self love, and gaining the tools to cultivate self awareness guiding them back home to their hearts.

    In this episode, we discuss:

    • Healing from an eating disorder holistically
    • Navigating comparison with other women, body image, shame, and depression
    • How Shannon guides other women to be their most authentic selves
    • Using Human Design as a tool for self-understanding
    • Where to look in your own human design chart
    • Why we are creating an intentional women's retreat
    • Details about our women's retreat in San Diego, October 2024

    Ep 75: ft. Shannon Keating on Cultivating Female Friendships

    The Soul Radiance Retreat

    October 18th-21st, 2024

    San Diego, CA

    Learn more here

    Email soulradianceretreat@gmail.com for any questions

    Connect with Shannon:



    Podcast: Unmasked and Open Hearted

    S2 - 56m - Jun 13, 2024
  • Ep 126: ft. Heather Eck on Synesthesia and Color Therapy

    HEATHER ECK is a multimedia abstract artist and writer. Heather interprets people, places, and experiences through color, a condition known as synesthesia. Her work has been exhibited in more than 30 shows, and she offers an inspiring perspective on connecting healing through color, symbolism, and form.

    In this episode we discuss:

    • Leya's experience receiving a spirit portrait from Heather
    • Opening up to your spiritual, intuitive gifts
    • The importance of color and what colors represent
    • Creating healing art for people, places, and spaces

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • The Secret Language of the Body by Inna Segal

    Connect with Heather:




    Apply for The Creative Soul Retreat by June 1st! Learn more here.

    S2 - 43m - May 30, 2024
  • Ep 125: What Nature Teaches Me about Creativity

    Tune into this solo episode where Leya shares how she has developed a deep connection to nature, and what nature has taught her about her own creative soul.

    We discuss how nature and creativity are mirrors, connecting with our childhood self, and Leya shares personal stories about how plants got re-introduced in her life and how nature has inspired her.

    She also shares details, about The Creative Soul Retreat, happening July 26th-29th and invites you to attend to deepen your sense of connection to nature, and to yourself.

    For more info, email leyavandoren@gmail.com or message @leyavandoren on instagram.

    Website: Creative Soul Retreat

    S2 - 36m - May 16, 2024
  • Ep 124: ft. Maria Brito on Art in the Digital Age and Dispelling Myths about Creativity

    Maria Brito is an award-winning New York-based contemporary art advisor, curator and the bestselling author of “How Creativity Rules The World” (HarperCollins). A Harvard graduate, originally from Venezuela, Brito has been selected by Complex Magazine as one of the 20 Power Players in the Art World she was named by ARTNEWS as one of the visionaries who gets to shape the art world.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • The common myths around creativity
    • How to find motivation to show up for your creativity
    • The power of action
    • Art in the age of digital media
    • Content Creators and Creativity
    • What it's like to be an art curator
    • How to start curating art for your own tastes and home

    Connect with Maria:

    Website: mariabrito.com

    Book: How Creativity Rules the World


    July 26th-29th, 2024

    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Learn more here.

    S2 - 1h 5m - May 2, 2024
  • Ep 123: Creating for your Future Self

    Tune into this week's solo episode where Leya shares a mini message on changing our mindsets on how we view success and how we can start creating for our future self, and creating our legacy.

    We talk about:

    • Changing your definition of success
    • Creating for your legacy
    • The one question you can ask yourself today to create for your tomorrow
    • Being proud of how far you've come
    • Sending love to your future self

    Leya's poetry book:

    Mermaid Musings: Stories of Sea, Sex, and Spirituality

    Connect with Leya: @leyavandoren

    S2 - 16m - Apr 18, 2024
  • Ep 122: ft. Val Alcorn on Herbal Bitters, Ancestors, and Gardening as a Spiritual Act

    Val is an herbalist, gardener, writer, and artist. She is the owner of Woodspell Apothecary where she cultivates resources for folks to connect to the plant world around them.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • The mythical nature of the forest
    • The connection between fairytales and the forest
    • Working with fear in nature
    • Connecting to ancestors through the land
    • Herbal bitters and how they affect the body
    • The ancestral gut connection to bitters
    • How to incorporate herbs into your daily wellness practice

    Connect with Val:

    Instagram: @woodspell.apothecary

    Substack: Medicine Garden and Under the Linden Tree

    Connect with Leya: @leyavandoren

    Join Us for The Poetry Of Plant Magic

    Connect To Your Writing Practice & Deepen Your Connection With Nature

    When: April 9th-April 30th, 2024

    Where: Anywhere in the world via Zoom

    • 4 weekly creative writing sessions
    • Creative Writing and Journal Prompts
    • Learn about herbal medicine and how to incorporate herbs into your wellness practice
    • Write and read poetry in safe community
    • Develop a deep connection with nature
    • Herbal folklore and ancient uses of herbs

    Sign up here.

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • Spiritual Ecology
    • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
    S2 - 1h 5m - Mar 28, 2024
  • Ep 121: The Poetry of Plant Magic - A 4 Week Creative Writing Workshop

    Tune into this week's solo episode as Leya shares all the details behind the upcoming creative writing workshop, The Poetry of Plant Magic!

    The Poetry Of Plant Magic

    Connect To Your Writing Practice & Deepen Your Connection With Nature

    When: April 9th-April 30th, 2024

    Where: Anywhere in the world via Zoom

    • 4 weekly creative writing sessions
    • Creative Writing and Journal Prompts
    • Learn about herbal medicine and how to incorporate herbs into your wellness practice
    • Write and read poetry in safe community
    • Develop a deep connection with nature
    • Herbal folklore and ancient uses of herbs

    Learn more and sign up here.

    Connect with Leya: @leyavandoren

    S2 - 31m - Mar 21, 2024
  • Ep 120: ft. Brooke Novick on Plant Medicine and Microdosing with Intention

    Brooke Novick is a licensed psychotherapist and graduate of the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has worked for a psilocybin retreat company, assisted a shaman during Ayahuasca ceremonies, and has years of experience working with individuals, couples, and groups.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    • Integrating therapy and medicine work
    • Cultivating your intuition on when to work with plant medicine
    • Working through fear before and during a ceremony
    • Allowing integration to be part of the medicine experience
    • How to start an intentional microdosing practice

    Creative Resources:

    • How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan
    • Fantastic Fungi (Documentary on Netflix)
    • The Last Shaman (Documentary on Amazon Prime) 

    Connect with Brooke:

    Website: https://axismundiceremony.com/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/axismundiceremony/

    Learn more about The Poetry of Plant Magic: https://leyavandoren.com/the-poetry-of-plant-magic

    S2 - 56m - Mar 14, 2024
  • Ep 119: Creative Habits, Writing to Feel, and Friendship Breakups

    In this solo episode, Leya shares the two intentions she made for 2024 and how sticking to her habits has created more stability, structure, and safety.

    We discuss:

    • The changing of the seasons
    • What Leya loved about winter this year
    • The hardest part about sticking to your habits
    • Writing as an act of embodiment
    • Feeling your feelings
    • Friendship breakups
    • Healing the sister wound

    DM @leyavandoren or email me at leyavandoren@gmail.com with the word "RETREAT" for more info on The Soul Radiance Retreat May 17-20th, 2024. The deadline to sign up is March 17th.

    Discover Your Creative Soul Playlist: Listen here.

    S2 - 32m - Feb 29, 2024
  • Ep 118: ft. Britt Olson on Healing through Motherhood

    Britt is a certified health coach, spiritual life coach, podcast host, entrepreneur, energy healer, plant-based nutrition advocate, speaker, and integrative wellness enthusiast.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    • How Britt hosted the MAGIC retreat in Puerto Rico and the gifts it gave us
    • Trusting your visions
    • Pausing your career for motherhood
    • Navigating parenthood and mental health with your partner
    • How to not self-abandon in motherhood

    Listen to our first episode here:

    Episode 55: ft. Britt Olson on Saturn Returns, Intuitive Eating, and the MAGIC Retreat

    Connect with Britt: @thebrittolson

    Apply for the Soul Radiance Retreat, May 17-20th in San Diego, CA:

    Find more info here

    S2 - 1h 22m - Feb 15, 2024
  • Ep 117: ft. Ning Tendo on Dreamwork and the Gifts of Grief

    Ning is a published poet, grief guide, spiritual healer and dream yogi specializing in the intersection of the healing power of dreams, rituals, and spiritual constellations as potent tools for helping the bereaved evolve and continue their relationship with their dead loved one and find the light side of grief.

    Her work as a grief guide is an integration of 10+ years of Tibetan dream yoga, 6+ years of Spiritual Healing and Constellations work, shamanic breathwork, African mourning and grief rituals, western grief models, sleep and dream science, a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from Columbia University as well as an embodiment of her personal experience grieving the death of her mother in 2018.

    Her life’s work is to inspire people to develop a softer relationship with death and grief by learning how to consciously journey into their pain, evolve relationships with their dead loved ones, and extract the medicine, soul gifts and purpose hidden within their grief.

    In this episode we discuss:

    • The gifts from death and grief
    • Connecting with your loved ones after they pass
    • The five dimensions of grief
    • Connecting with your loved ones through dreaming
    • How to start remembering your dreams
    • Interpreting the symbols from your dreams
    • Crafting rituals to support transitions in your life
    • The connection between creativity and grief

    Connect with Ning:


    Website: www.dreamreunions.com

    Ning's Poetry Book: Death Song in Green

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • The Dream Messenger by Patricia Garfield
    • Grief Dreams by T.J Wray and Ann Back Price
    • Unattended Sorrows by Stephen Weller
    • The Dark Interval by Rainer Marie Rilke
    • The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller
    • Grief Dreams by Dr. Joshua Black
    S2 - 1h 5m - Feb 1, 2024
  • Ep 116: Announcing The Soul Radiance Retreat!

    Leya announces the launch of The Soul Radiance Retreat - a sisterhood, creativity, and self-love focused retreat from May 17th-20th, 2024 near San Diego, California.

    An invitation to slow down, connect with your true self, and experience the magic of sisterhood.

    She invites her co-hosts for the retreat, Shannon Keating and Ashley Love to discuss:

    • All the details for the upcoming retreat, The Soul Radiance Retreat
    • What Shannon, Ashley, and Leya have all gained from attending various retreats (including how they met at a retreat!)
    • Our WHY for creating The Soul Radiance Retreat + what you can expect to receive!
    • The fears that can come up before investing in a retreat
    • The magic of sisterhood and finding soul-aligned friendships

    Learn more about the retreat: bit.ly/thesoulradianceretreat

    Connect with Leya:

    @leyavandoren // www.leyavandoren.com

    Connect with Ashley:

    @ashleycreatrix // www.theashleylove.com

    Connect with Shannon:

    @shannonkeating // www.shannonkeating.com

    S2 - 1h 14m - Jan 18, 2024
  • Ep 115: My Favorite Books From 2023 and Why Reading Is Good For The Creative Soul

    In this bonus episode, Leya shares some of her favorite books she read in 2023.

    She talks about:

    • The importance of reading and why she's loved books and reading since childhood
    • Why this year she stopped reading as many self-help books and started reading more fiction!
    • How social media can be a window, but books can be a mirror
    • How books connect us to the collective unconsciousness

    Some of the books mentioned:

    • Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker
    • Mother, Nature by Jedidiah Jenkins
    • Letting Magic In by Maia Toll
    • A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J Maas
    • The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch

    + tune into the episode to hear 10+ more!

    Connect with Leya:

    Instagram: @leyavandoren

    Website: www.leyavandoren.com

    S2 - 31m - Jan 11, 2024
  • Ep 114: 2023 Year in Review - Highs & Lows

    Tune into this special solo episode where Leya reflects on the highs and lows of 2023, the lessons learned, and some of her hopes for 2024.

    From spending the first six months of the year wedding planning, to hosting a bachelorette retreat trip in Tulum, to being a bridesmaid in a friends wedding, to getting married in June, to honeymooning in Mexico, to moving to D.C., to connecting with family and ancestors, and experiencing the contrasts of life, this year was one to remember!

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Paul
    • The Wisdom of Anxiety by Sheryl Paul

    Connect with Leya:



    Purchase The Creative Soul Practice for $44 here.

    S2 - 1h 15m - Jan 4, 2024
  • Ep 113: Receiving PRESENCE for my 29th Birthday

    Happy winter solstice and happy 29th birthday to our host, Leya!

    In this episode, Leya shares what she's celebrating for her 29th birthday, including a celebration of this year and her favorite podcast episodes from the past year.

    Today is the LAST day to receive 10% off The Creative Soul Practice using code "CREATIVESOUL10". After today, the price will remain at $44.00.

    Leave a rating and review to get a free guided writing meditation.

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    It Didn't Start With You by Mark Wolynn

    S2 - 20m - Dec 21, 2023
  • Ep 112: ft. Nikki Novo on Soul-Led Living and Grounding Tips for Starseeds

    Nikki Novo is a Cuban-American, best-selling author and master intuitive reader with a waitlist exceeding 1,000 people, and the founder of the Soul Reading Method®, a certification program where she has taught more than 1,300 students how to activate their own intuitive abilities. Nikki is the go-to spiritual advisor for the biggest names in the wellness industry and a leader in the spiritual Latinx community.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • Her new book, Soul-Led Living
    • Grounding tips for starseeds
    • Developing the voice of the inner mother/inner parent
    • Reparenting yourself while raising kids
    • Spiritual reasons behind panic attacks
    • Your souls work and your career
    • The seasons of your soul's purpose

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
    • Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
    • Aaron Abke

    Connect with Nikki:

    Website: nikkinovo.com

    Book: Soul-Led Living: Discover Your Soul's True Path and Become Brave Enough to Follow It

    The Creative Soul Practice - a 7 day guided writing meditation series is now live! Purchase it here for $44.

    Listen to the free heart chakra meditation on Episode 111!

    Use code "CREATIVESOUL10" to get 10% off

    Discount available through Dec. 21st, 2023

    Connect with Leya: leyavandoren.com

    S2 - 1h 11m - Dec 14, 2023
  • Ep 111: The Creative Soul Practice is HERE! & Heart Chakra Writing Meditation

    The Creative Soul Practice is officially LIVE! It's a 7 day guided writing meditation series to help you reconnect back to your writing practice and your creative soul.

    Listen to this episode as I share the WHY behind creating The Creative Soul Practice and what you can expect inside

    +++PLUS a SNEAK PEEK of the practice - Get Day 4 completely free inside this episode, connecting you to your heart <3

    The Heart Chakra Meditation starts at 16:29

    Purchase the Creative Soul Practice HERE

    Use code "CREATIVESOUL10" for 10% off

    Discount Available through December 21st, 2023

    Website: www.leyavandoren.com

    The Creative Soul Practice: https://leyavandoren.com/the-creative-soul-practice

    S2 - 34m - Nov 30, 2023
  • Ep 110: Learning Self-Care Through The Seasons

    Tune into this week’s solo episode as Leya explores the topic of self-care and how to support and take care of ourselves through the darker, colder seasons:

    • What does it mean to really take care of ourselves?
    • Why millennials are the “self care” generation and why it’s not a bad thing
    • Who are examples in your life of women who take care of themselves?
    • Allowing self-care to change with the seasons
    • How plants can support your self-care practice
    • How where you live can affect your self-care routine
    • Some of my favorite ways to take care of myself through the seasons

    Join me on December 5th for a free workshop:

    The Poetry of Plant Magic

    hosted with Creative Mornings. Sign up here

    Rate and review the podcast for a free guided writing meditation!

    S2 - 21m - Nov 16, 2023
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