Ep 93: ft. Natalie Calzadilla on Low Self Worth, Codependency, and How it Suppressed her Dreams of Being an Artist

Season 1
1h 12m | Aug 4, 2022

Natalie Calzadilla, MBA is a Cuban-American T1D mom, mystic, illustrator, 1/1 NFT artist, and podcaster born and raised in Miami, FL. She teaches women how to connect to their inner knowing, experience divinity, and connect to their child-like wonder so they can feel empowered to face all of life’s situations and have the courage to be themselves.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she went from quitting art school because she didn't believe in herself to becoming a full-time artist
  • Healing low self worth and codependency
  • Navigating grief during a pandemic
  • Flower essences as a healing modality
  • What happens when "the work" stops working
  • Finding different tools for different stages of your life

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Podcast: Pachanga and Possibility

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