• Ep 106: How to Plan a Conscious and Intentional Bachelorette Trip, Maiden to Bride Ceremonies + my bachelorette trip RECAP to Tulum

    In this episode, Leya shares about her bachelorette trip to Tulum, Mexico.

    We talk about:

    • How to curate an intentional bachelorette trip and shift the focus from excessive drinking to conscious ceremony
    • Mindful travel
    • Navigating fears, self doubt, and low self worth when having an event celebrating the BRIDE!
    • How to ACTUALLY support the brides in your life
    • The full bachelorette itinerary in Tulum, Mexico
    • Why women gathering is SO healing
    • How to create intentional ceremonies to honor the transition from maiden to bride

    + Leya sings a special song devoted to Goddess Ixchel at the end :)

    This episode is a must listen for any bride or maid of honor planning a bachelorette trip who wants to do it in a mindful, conscious, intentional way to really HONOR the transition and CELEBRATE with the women in your life.

    Connect with Leya:


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    1h 2m | Sep 21, 2023
  • Ep 105: Welcome to Season 2 - Life Updates, Upcoming Creative Writing Workshops, and a NEW ERA

    Welcome to Season 2 of The Creative Soul Podcast!

    In this episode we talk about:

    • Post wedding energy and the change Leya has felt since getting married!
    • Navigating a dark night of the soul and making it to the other side
    • Stories from our honeymoon ft. turtles, the full moon, and the sea
    • Embracing change and new beginnings
    • What you can expect for Season 2 of the podcast!
    • Shares upcoming exciting creative projects, including The Creative Soul Practice - a guided writing meditation series, writing workshops focused on herbalism, ancestral work, finding the magic in everyday life, and RETREATS coming to you in 2024.

    Join the waitlist for the upcoming writing workshops:


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    47m | Sep 7, 2023
  • Ep 104: WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN TWO WEEKS! A Convo with Paxton on Spirituality, Love, and Growth

    In this episode, Leya and Paxton discuss their 5 year journey on the road to marriage, with their upcoming wedding in 2 weeks!

    They discuss:

    • What brought them together as a couple
    • The differences they had when they first met
    • The growth they've experienced as a couple
    • What Paxton is most excited for the wedding
    • Their different perspectives on religion and spirituality

    Connect with Leya:


    1h 40m | Jun 13, 2023
  • Ep 103: ft. Alexandra Franzen on Marketing Without Social Media for Self Employed Creatives

    Alexandra Franzen is a best-selling author, award-winning editor, and entrepreneur based in Hawaii. She has written seven books including two novels. She has written articles for Time, Forbes, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, and Lifehacker. Her work has been mentioned in The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, BuzzFeed, Inc., in Tim Ferriss’ newsletter, and she has appeared on the Peabody Award-winning radio show, Marketplace.

    She’s the co-founder of a company called Get It Done and a brick and mortar bookstore called One Idea Books and Gifts.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    • How she became a self-employed creative
    • Her decision for getting off social media
    • How to market without social media
    • Her daily routine
    • Why she instituted a 4 day work week for her company
    • Working on projects for clients vs yourself
    • Self publishing vs Traditional Publishing

    Creative Resources:

    • Alphabetizer
    • The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

    Connect with Alex:

    Website: www.alexandrafranzen.com


    57m | Feb 23, 2023
  • Ep 102: ft. Amy Green Smith on Having Difficult Conversations and Speaking Up For Yourself

    Amy Green Smith is a certified and credentialed life coach and hypnotherapist, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-worth. With acute focus on helping people “find their voice”, she is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert in Inspired Coach Magazine and on Fox 5 San Diego.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • Having difficult conversations with grace
    • Being in relationship with people you disagree with
    • Setting boundaries
    • How to have better communication with your coworkers, family, and friends
    • Regulating your nervous system to not be triggered during conflict
    • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
    • Why hypnotherapy can help

    Creative resources:

    • Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown

    Connect with Amy:

    1h 4m | Feb 16, 2023
  • Ep 101: ft. D'Ana Joi Spencer on Focus & Prioritization as a Multi-Passionate Creative

    Joi is a multi-passionate, educator, community builder, and content creator. She believes having many passions is a gift, not a burden and she’s on a mission to rewrite the narrative around “choosing one thing” being the only path to success. Through her e-book, signature course, and podcast, Joi teaches creatives how to make friends with focus, overcome overwhelm, and step into their Multi-Passionate Mastery.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • How to know if you're a multi-passionate creative
    • Finding focus as a multi-passionate creative
    • Prioritizing different creative projects
    • Tips for following through on your creative projects
    • Building structure for your creativity to flow
    • Marketing as a spiritual practice

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • Libby
    • Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
    • Finding Me by Viola Davis

    Connect with Joi:

    Website: www.joi-knows-how.com

    Priority Mapping Method Free Training Here

    Podcast: Multi-Passionate Mastery

    1h 7m | Feb 9, 2023
  • Ep 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with a SONG!

    Tune into this special episode to celebrate 100 episodes of The Creative Soul Podcast. Leya shares a prayer and offering from her heart and sings for the very first time on the podcast.

    Song begins at 5:25

    Song: Please Prepare Me by Beautiful Chorus

    Take a moment to pause, integrate, and celebrate how far you've come.

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    Connect with Leya: @leyavandoren

    10m | Feb 2, 2023
  • Ep 99: ft. Kat Daou on Family Constellations Therapy Healing Generational Trauma

    Kat Daou is a Family Constellation Therapy Facilitator helping people clean up intergenerational trauma and support them back to their innate wholeness. She is trauma informed and utilizes parts work, inner child work, felt sense bodily awareness, and intuitive guidance to support clients in moving from "what's wrong with me" to "what happened to me". With a philosophy of one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the physical 3D, FCT brings life force energy back into the family system and creates healing for 14 generations backwards, and forwards.

    We talk about:

    • How to Face Negative Emotions
    • How she went from an Eating Disorder, Toxic Relationships, Depression, to Healing and Empowered
    • Family Constellations Therapy for Healing Generational Trauma
    • Why You May Be Called to Heal Ancestral Trauma
    • Millennial’s Current Role in Society
    • Epigenetics
    • Systems of Support for Processing Trauma

    Resources Mentioned:

    Connect with Kat:



    1h 16m | Jan 26, 2023
  • Ep 98: ft. Nadia Last on Using Human Design to Connect to your Life Path

    Nadia is a Human Design teacher, spiritual mentor, and host of The Current podcast, a show unpacking the changing energetic tides of our collective consciousness. Nadia also assists psychedelic therapy retreats and is currently a therapist-in-training.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • How to use your human design type to rest
    • Navigating dark nights of the soul
    • Growing up religious and finding spirituality later in life
    • Masculine/feminine energies in the chart
    • Using human design to understand your life path

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn & Carola Eastwood
    • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
    • The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

    Connect with Nadia:



    1h 9m | Jan 19, 2023
  • Ep 97: ft. Megan Leatherman on Aligning your Life & Career with Nature's Seasons

    Megan Leatherman is a career coach, mother, writer, podcast host and amateur ecologist living in the Pacific Northwest. Through her nature-based and seasonal perspectives, she’s helped thousands of professionals reconnect to their strengths and to what deeply matters to them. She has a Master’s degree in conflict resolution, a background in Human Resources, and believes that our work can be a spiritual practice.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • Aligning your work and life according to the different seasons
    • Holding all of Earth’s Season to where you are
    • Internalized Capitalism and How it Shows up in our Nervous System
    • Being A Highly Sensitive Person In A Work Environment
    • What to do If You Hate Your Job

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    Circle Round by Starhawk

    Meditation Teacher: Jessica Snow

    Martin Shaw

    The Living Myth Podcast by Michael Meade

    Connect with Megan:

    Website: www.awildnewwork.com

    Order her book: Winter at Work: Navigate Mystery and Cultivate New Vitality on your Vocational Journey

    Podcast: A Wild New Work


    59m | Jan 12, 2023
  • Ep 96: SOLO 2022 Year in Review

    Can you believe it's already 2023?

    Tune into the first solo episode of 2023 where Leya share some of the lessons and learnings from the last year.

    We talk about:

    • The themes of 2022: Home, Grounding, Grief
    • Experiencing burnout and overwhelm
    • Experiencing abuse at a personal and collective level
    • Ways to practice self-care
    • Why millennials need extra self-care right now
    • Why truth is love

    + Leya shares a reading from a poem she wrote, a sacred offering and expression of her heart.

    Connect with Leya:


    44m | Jan 2, 2023
  • Ep 95: SOLO on Stories From Going on a Safari in South Africa

    The perfect solo episode to kick off Sagittarius season - this one's all about travel, new experiences, expansion, and joy. I share about my recent once in a lifetime trip going on a safari in South Africa and the stories and lessons it taught me.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • Traveling solo vs traveling with friends - pros and cons!
    • A scary close encounter with an elephant!
    • The daily schedule of our safari and some of the animals we saw
    • Sharkdiving in Capetown
    • Discovering my Leo Moon
    • Western Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology
    • Connecting to animal medicine
    • Why Africa feels like the birthplace of God
    • The importance of joy during the healing journey

    Resources Mentioned:

    Connect with Leya:


    53m | Dec 2, 2022
  • Ep 94: SOLO Wedding Planning as a Spiritual & Creative Process - Part 2

    Leya shares an update on why the podcast has been on a short break and returns with part 2 of what she is learning during the wedding planning process.

    She shares vulnerably about managing finances, feeling unsupported, feeling unworthy of love, and the body image issues that came up while shopping for her wedding dress.

    She also shares an update of how the vision of the wedding has changed and evolved in this perfect, co-creation with the universe.

    She also shares:

    • Why wedding planning is the ultimate manifestation
    • 3 key steps to manifest anything you want in life
    • Choosing to change the wedding venue from Florida to Michigan
    • Dealing with body image struggles during an engagement photoshoot
    • The importance of size inclusivity for brides and wedding dress boutiques
    • The story of finding her dream wedding dress
    • Rejecting tradition and embracing tradition
    • Raising your self-worth and self-love
    • Stepping into the worthiness to receive the manifestations you desire

    Episodes Mentioned:

    Wedding Planning as a Spiritual & Creative Practice - Part 1

    Unmasked & Open Hearted Podcast: Healing in Relationships with Leya Van Doren

    Connect with Leya:


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    48m | Nov 11, 2022
  • Ep 93: ft. Natalie Calzadilla on Low Self Worth, Codependency, and How it Suppressed her Dreams of Being an Artist

    Natalie Calzadilla, MBA is a Cuban-American T1D mom, mystic, illustrator, 1/1 NFT artist, and podcaster born and raised in Miami, FL. She teaches women how to connect to their inner knowing, experience divinity, and connect to their child-like wonder so they can feel empowered to face all of life’s situations and have the courage to be themselves.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • How she went from quitting art school because she didn't believe in herself to becoming a full-time artist
    • Healing low self worth and codependency
    • Navigating grief during a pandemic
    • Flower essences as a healing modality
    • What happens when "the work" stops working
    • Finding different tools for different stages of your life

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    Connect with Natalie:

    Website: nataliecalzadilla.com

    Podcast: Pachanga and Possibility

    Etsy Shop

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    1h 12m | Aug 4, 2022
  • Ep 92: On Foraging and Feminism and What It's Teaching Me about Value

    In this episode, Leya shares what is currently fueling her creative soul in this season of life.

    She shares how taking a vacation showed her how to practice being, why she is questioning how we work and why we work, tying your worth and value to how much you can produce, feminism and capitalism, unlearning hustle culture, and how we can look to nature to teach us how to be truly creative and create from a place of rest, ease, and flow.

    She also shares how foraging and learning about herbalism is connecting her to the magic within. Stay to the end to hear the story on how she almost died from eating a potentially poisonous plant.

    Creative Resources

    • Seek - Plant App
    • Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech
    • The Herbal Apothecary by JJ Pursell
    • Feasting Wild by Gina Rae La Cerva

    Connect with Leya



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    53m | Jul 28, 2022
  • Ep 91: ft Bria Zoe on Herbal Medicine

    In this week's episode I am joined by Bria Zoe. Bria Zoe is an herbalist and owns Sacred Moon Apothecary where she offers the medicine of cacao to people all over the world.

    We talk about the medicine that lives within us and around us, how plants and herb can help support us in our healing process, how to start working with herbs, the wisdom of our bodies, metaphysical anatomy, and plant medicines.

    This episode is a juicy one for anyone interested in true health, healing, and allowing the earth to support you.

    Connect with Bria:



    1h 16m | Jul 14, 2022
  • Ep 90: ft. Albert Flynn DeSilver on Writing as a Path to Awakening

    Albert Flynn DeSilver is an internationally published poet, writer, speaker, and workshop leader. His latest book is Writing as a Path to Awakening (based on his popular workshops by the same name) published by Sounds True. Albert served as Marin County, California’s very first Poet Laureate from 2008-2010. His work has appeared in more than 100 literary journals worldwide and is the author of the memoir Beamish Boy. Albert is also a speaker and trainer who has taught writing workshops at the Esalen Institute, the Omega Institute, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and literary conferences nationally. 

    In this episode, we talk about:

    • How embodiment can be a source of creativity
    • How photography lead him to writing
    • Why reading is important for writers
    • His writing process
    • How meditation and creativity influence each other
    • Teaching writing to others

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • Mary Oliver
    • Natalie Goldberg
    • Terry Tempest Williams

    Connect with Albert:


    Free writing coaching session here

    Writing as a Path to Awakening

    51m | Jul 7, 2022
  • Ep 89: ft. Corrie Legge on Creating Your Own Work

    Corrie Legge is a multi-passionate artist and productivity coach for creatives. As an actor and voiceover artist, she has appeared in many independent films, national commercials, animation, video games, audiobooks, and more. She's also a filmmaker with several short films under her belt, and multiple feature scripts in the works! As a coach, Corrie hosts Your Creative Life, a creative community designed to helps multi-passionate actors take control over their dreams and build thriving creative careers without sacrificing the holistically fulfilled life they deserve.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    • Why you shouldn't wait for gatekeepers to give you permission for your art
    • Following your creative urges
    • Building community vs networking
    • Finding collaborators for your creative projects
    • How to work creatively and collaborate with your partner
    • Finding time to be creative as a parent
    • Being a voiceover artist
    • Finding the right medium for a story
    • How to set goals with freedom instead of pressure
    • Building your sustainable creative life

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • On Writing by Stephen King
    • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
    • Libby
    • My Creative Type Quiz Here

    Connect with Corrie:




    1h 11m | Jun 30, 2022
  • Ep 88: How to Host a Blessing Way for Pregnant Mothers

    Are you pregnant or do you know someone who is? Tune into this episode where we discuss how to host and curate a blessingway which is similar to a baby shower, but focuses more on the mother's journey from maiden to mother to create an intentional ceremony to honor her in this transition.

    We also talk about:

    • What a blessingway is
    • Leya's experience being at her sister's birth
    • A blessingway vs baby shower
    • Why you might want to host one for yourself or a woman you love
    • Ideas for blessingway ceremonies
    • Virtual vs in person blessingways

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker
    • Blessingway videos here and here

    Connect with Leya



    27m | Jun 23, 2022
  • Ep 87: ft. Kari Lynn Cotone on Copywriting & Creative Careers

    Kari is a New York City-based freelance writer and performing artist. As a copywriter and strategist, she works with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop their brand voice and craft high-converting messaging to support their business. She also writes a weekly newsletter sharing writing tips, content inspiration, and personal stories about life as a creative freelancer.

    We talk about:

    • Pivoting careers
    • Her creative & storytelling process for copywriting
    • How her theater skills translated into other industries
    • Overcommitting yourself as a creative
    • Deadlines and work pressures
    • Living in NYC

    Connect with Kari:




    July 11th - August 8th, 2022

    Learn more here

    Creative Resources Mentioned:

    • Creative Pep Talk by Andy J. Pizza
    • RuPaul's Drag Race
    56m | Jun 16, 2022
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