Ep 94: SOLO Wedding Planning as a Spiritual & Creative Process - Part 2

Season 2
48m | Nov 11, 2022

Leya shares an update on why the podcast has been on a short break and returns with part 2 of what she is learning during the wedding planning process.

She shares vulnerably about managing finances, feeling unsupported, feeling unworthy of love, and the body image issues that came up while shopping for her wedding dress.

She also shares an update of how the vision of the wedding has changed and evolved in this perfect, co-creation with the universe.

She also shares:

  • Why wedding planning is the ultimate manifestation
  • 3 key steps to manifest anything you want in life
  • Choosing to change the wedding venue from Florida to Michigan
  • Dealing with body image struggles during an engagement photoshoot
  • The importance of size inclusivity for brides and wedding dress boutiques
  • The story of finding her dream wedding dress
  • Rejecting tradition and embracing tradition
  • Raising your self-worth and self-love
  • Stepping into the worthiness to receive the manifestations you desire

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