The Creative Soul Podcast

Join Leya Van Doren as she sits down with multi-passionate creatives to talk about their creative process, routines & rituals, and their connection to spirituality. From Broadway performers, Tony Award winning directors and actors, to rising musicians, poets, painters, and writers, tune into conversations from the heart on what makes you a creative soul.

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Intro/Outro Audio designed by Graham Cook

Intro song "Surf" by Vlad Gluschenko


Ep 22: What is a Creativity Circle?
Show Details36min 9s
Ep 21: ft. Madeline Sayet on Story Medicine, Indigenous Theater, and Multi-Disciplinary Artistry
Show Details47min 8s
Ep 20: ft. Lindsay Kinder on Food as Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Listening to Your Own Advice
Show Details48min 10s
Ep 19: ft. Carly Valancy on Reaching Out, Building Habits, and Possibility
Show Details51min 51s
Ep 18: 2020 Year in Review - reflections & lessons
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep 17: ft. Megan Bowen on Dance for EveryBODY and Creating Value for your Community
Show Details50min 23s
Ep 16: ft. Kuhoo Verma on Being a Fully Formed Artist and Developing New Musicals
Show Details52min 21s
Ep 15: ft. Kerri Van Kirk on Human Design
Show Details51min 56s
Ep 14: How Boredom is a Portal to Creativity
Show Details17min 51s
Ep 13: ft. Lizzie Markson on Creative Flow, Interpretive vs Generative Artists, and Balance
Show Details48min 57s
Ep 12: ft. Florrie Bagel on Embodying Your Fullest Expression and Creating as Energy Exchanges
Show Details54min 47s
Ep 11: ft. Yulia Van Doren on Creative Constraints, Crystals, and Professional vs Amateur Artists
Show Details53min 24s
Ep 10: Lessons from Kauai & Island Meditation
Show Details21min 51s
Ep 9: ft. Erica Schaeffer on Choosing What You Love and the Privilege of Being an Artist
Show Details55min 45s
Ep 8: ft. Mandy Sham on Storytelling through Travel and Food
Show Details48min 43s
Ep 7: ft. Alicia Albright on Going Inward, a Career on Broadway, and Mermaids
Show Details56min 24s
Ep 6: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & How Fear is Part of the Creative Process - Mini Message
Show Details20min 31s
Ep 5: ft. Elizabeth Woolf on Discovering Your Unique Voice, Following Your Fears, and Collaboration in the Creative Process
Show Details36min 53s
Ep 4: ft. Taylor Fagins on Creating Art for Social Change, Writing as Healing, and Unfinished Projects
Show Details52min 21s
Ep 2: ft. Ameya Ajay on the Freedom to Follow your Passions and Mixing Art & Business on Instagram
Show Details42min 47s
Ep 3: Creativity is your Gift - Mini Message
Show Details12min 17s
Ep 1: Intro & My Journey as a Multi-Passionate Creative, Overcoming Creative Blocks, and Being Aligned with my Path
Show Details24min 32s