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The Creative Soul Podcast

Join Leya Van Doren every week as she sits down with multi-passionate creatives to talk about their creative process, routines & rituals, and explore the intersection of creativity, mindfulness, and spirituality. You'll hear from writers, actors, singers, dancers, painters, wellness professionals, and anyone else who considers themselves a creative soul.

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Instagram: @leyavandoren

Cover art by Torrence Browne

Intro Audio designed by Graham Cook

Intro song "Surf" by Vlad Gluschenko


Ep 93: ft. Natalie Calzadilla on Low Self Worth, Codependency, and How it Suppressed her Dreams of Being an Artist
Show Details1hr 13min
Ep 92: On Foraging and Feminism and What It's Teaching Me about Value
Show Details53min 43s
Ep 91: ft Bria Zoe on Herbal Medicine
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep 90: ft. Albert Flynn DeSilver on Writing as a Path to Awakening
Show Details51min 52s
Ep 89: ft. Corrie Legge on Creating Your Own Work
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep 88: How to Host a Blessing Way for Pregnant Mothers
Show Details27min 53s
Ep 87: ft. Kari Lynn Cotone on Copywriting & Creative Careers
Show Details56min 46s
Ep 86: Wedding Planning as a Spiritual & Creative Process - Part 1
Show Details26min 46s
Ep 85: ft. Kelly Smith on Yoga and the True Self
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep 84: How I Self-Published a Book of Poetry
Show Details37min 19s
Ep 83: The Truest Story I Can Tell
Show Details42min 21s
Ep 82: ft. Erin Panzarella on Channelling the Akashic Records
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep 81: Creativity as a Counter-Culture
Show Details46min 45s
Ep 80: On Remote Living, Nature, and Community with Hilary Messer-Barrow
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep 79: Stress Management & Psychedelic Therapy with Marina Kay
Show Details57min 28s
Ep 78: Seasonal Reflection & Loving Lately
Show Details51min 49s
Ep 77: ft. Emily Nachazel on Finding the Career that Serves Your Soul
Show Details1hr 13min
Ep 76: Writing Practice & Guided Writing Meditation
Show Details50min 8s
Ep 75: ft. Shannon Keating on Cultivating Female Friendships
Show Details1hr 21min
Ep 74: Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Us?
Show Details38min 36s
Ep 73: Engagement Story and Relationship Q&A
Show Details1hr 12min
Ep 72: ft. Kat Norton aka Miss Excel on Using Manifestation to go Viral
Show Details43min 31s
Ep 71: ft. Vienda Maria on Intuition, Feminine Business, and Being
Show Details51min 45s
Ep 70: ft. Cara Wodka on Life on the Road as a Traveling Musician
Show Details53min 1s
Ep 69: ft. Liliana Herrera on Andean Cosmovision and Being Your Own Healer
Show Details1hr
Ep 68: 2021 Year in Review
Show Details35min 49s
Ep 67: ft Alejandra Diaz on Illustration and Drawing Everyday Moments
Show Details48min
Ep 66: Energy Cleansing for Highly Sensitive People
Show Details26min 50s
Ep 65: She Rests to Create
Show Details21min 55s
Ep 64: ft. Eleri Ward on Songwriting Magic and Sondheim
Show Details56min 25s
Ep 63: My Relationship with Cannabis and Creativity
Show Details44min 20s
Ep 62: ft. Sarah Van Doren on Motherhood and Mental Health
Show Details52min 31s
Ep 61: Healing Yourself and Your Past Through Creativity
Show Details32min 11s
Ep 60: ft. Christina Irvin on Creativity and Healing the Sacral through Human Design
Show Details50min 31s
Ep 59: How Solo Travel Will Change Your LIfe
Show Details47min 34s
Ep 58: ft. Sarah Mac on Entrepreneurship and Money Mindset for Creatives
Show Details55min 6s
Ep 57: On Identity, Home, and Creativity as a Practice of Presence
Show Details40min 54s
Ep 56: ft. Sydney Weiss on Navigating Burnout, True Rest, and Seek the Joy Podcast
Show Details1hr
Ep 55: ft. Britt Olson on Saturn Returns, Intuitive Eating, and the MAGIC Retreat
Show Details1hr 14min
Ep 54: Creativity as a Grounding Practice & Guided Meditation
Show Details25min 38s
Ep 53: ft. Jordy Alexander on NFT's, Experiments, and The Creator Economy
Show Details53min 35s
Ep 52: ft. Nicole Gulotta on The Writing Life, Creative Cycles, and Yoga Nidra
Show Details51min 27s
Ep 51: ft. Katrina Markoff, CEO of Vosges Haut-Chocolat on Chocolate as a Medium for Storytelling
Show Details32min 38s
Ep 50: Lessons On a Year of Podcasting, Finding Your Purpose, and Q+A
Show Details1hr
Ep 49: ft. Hanna Francis on Balkan Folk Dance, Songwriting, and the Power of Music
Show Details51min 20s
Ep 48: ft. Ari Afsar on Activism and The Artist's Responsibility
Show Details41min 23s
Ep 47: ft. Kelly Collins on the Chakras and Living an Aligned Life
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep 46: How to Create Your Own Artist Retreat
Show Details38min 32s
Ep 45: ft. Jyoti Chadda on Moon Wisdom, Menstrual Cycles, and Yogic Philosophy
Show Details53min 4s
Ep 44: ft. Lucy H. Pearce on Self-Publishing, Creative Bathing, and Her New Book: She of the Sea
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep 43: ft. Oliver Butler on Hiking as a Creative Practice, Intuitive Ideas, and The Debate Society
Show Details49min 27s
Ep 42: Spirituality - My Personal Journey & Awakenings
Show Details58min 28s
Ep 41: ft. Ashley Sondergaard on Cosmic Self-Care, Motherhood, and Yoga Magic
Show Details41min 46s
Ep 40: ft. Rukmini Poddar on the 100 Day Project, Creative Evolutions, and Drawing Emotions
Show Details48min 36s
Ep 39: ft. Anne Ditmeyer on Map Making, Valuing Yourself as a Creator, and Paying Inspiration Forward
Show Details54min 42s
Ep 38: On Trusting the Process as it Unfolds
Show Details26min 19s
Ep 37: ft. Rachael Ferrera on Following the Unknown Path, The Power of Breath, and Discovering Portals to your Creativity
Show Details51min 36s
Ep 36: ft. Alyssa Lauren on Astrocartography and Travel as a Creative Process
Show Details50min 55s
Ep 35: ft. Malorine Mathurin on the Akashic Records, Developing your Psychic Gifts, and Intuitive Astrology
Show Details41min 27s
Ep 34: Creative Cycles & Seasons
Show Details16min 28s
Ep 33: ft. Kate Lumpkin on Creativity & Capitalism, Point of View, and the Art of Personal Adornment
Show Details47min 46s
Ep 32: ft. Christina Sutra on the Art of Receiving, Painting, and the Messages in Dreams
Show Details51min 10s
Ep 31: ft. Jessica Soares on Self-Sovereignty, Fear of Success, and Tarot as a Creative Practice
Show Details45min 29s
Ep 30: Discover Your Creative Soul
Show Details21min 58s
Ep 29: ft. Shaun Leisher on Dramaturgy, being a New Play Doula, and Redefining Regional Theater
Show Details48min 32s
Ep 28: ft. Kim Alexandrescu on Human Connection, End of Life Work, and Divine Inspiration
Show Details54min 2s
Ep 27: ft. Ashmi Pathela on Following Your Heart, Higher Consciousness, and the Ascension Journey
Show Details49min 11s
Ep 26: How to Find Inspiration Anywhere & Everywhere
Show Details12min 18s
Ep 25: ft. Shauna Cummins on Hypnosis, Being an Artist of Your Life, and Her New Book, Wishcraft
Show Details44min 45s
Ep 24: ft. Daniela Aldrich from Professional Ballerina to Farmer, What It's Like Walking Away From Your Dreams & Building a New Path
Show Details50min 37s
Ep 23: ft. Amy Oestreicher on Creativity as Healing, Life Detours, and Transforming Trauma through Art
Show Details49min 39s
Ep 22: What is a Creativity Circle?
Show Details36min 9s
Ep 21: ft. Madeline Sayet on Story Medicine, Indigenous Theater, and Multi-Disciplinary Artistry
Show Details47min 8s
Ep 20: ft. Lindsay Kinder on Food as Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Listening to Your Own Advice
Show Details48min 10s
Ep 19: ft. Carly Valancy on Reaching Out, Building Habits, and Possibility
Show Details51min 51s
Ep 18: 2020 Year in Review - reflections & lessons
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep 17: ft. Megan Bowen on Dance for EveryBODY and Creating Value for your Community
Show Details50min 23s
Ep 16: ft. Kuhoo Verma on Being a Fully Formed Artist and Developing New Musicals
Show Details52min 21s
Ep 15: ft. Kerri Van Kirk on Human Design
Show Details51min 56s
Ep 14: How Boredom is a Portal to Creativity
Show Details17min 51s
Ep 13: ft. Lizzie Markson on Creative Flow, Interpretive vs Generative Artists, and Balance
Show Details48min 57s
Ep 12: ft. Florrie Bagel on Embodying Your Fullest Expression and Creating as Energy Exchanges
Show Details54min 47s
Ep 11: ft. Yulia Van Doren on Creative Constraints, Crystals, and Professional vs Amateur Artists
Show Details53min 24s
Ep 10: Lessons from Kauai & Island Meditation
Show Details21min 51s
Ep 9: ft. Erica Schaeffer on Choosing What You Love and the Privilege of Being an Artist
Show Details55min 45s
Ep 8: ft. Mandy Sham on Storytelling through Travel and Food
Show Details48min 43s
Ep 7: ft. Alicia Albright on Going Inward, a Career on Broadway, and Mermaids
Show Details56min 24s
Ep 6: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & How Fear is Part of the Creative Process - Mini Message
Show Details20min 31s
Ep 5: ft. Elizabeth Woolf on Discovering Your Unique Voice, Following Your Fears, and Collaboration in the Creative Process
Show Details36min 53s
Ep 4: ft. Taylor Fagins on Creating Art for Social Change, Writing as Healing, and Unfinished Projects
Show Details52min 21s
Ep 2: ft. Ameya Ajay on the Freedom to Follow your Passions and Mixing Art & Business on Instagram
Show Details42min 47s
Ep 3: Creativity is your Gift - Mini Message
Show Details12min 17s
Ep 1: Intro & My Journey as a Multi-Passionate Creative, Overcoming Creative Blocks, and Being Aligned with my Path
Show Details24min 32s