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The Creative-Assist Podcast (Curated)

The Creative-Assist Podcast is dedicated to bringing you insightful and educational content around all the business of creativity. We talk with creative entrepreneurs to assist you with the information you need to build a life around your craft. Join host Dexter Washington as he taps into different subjects with his guests. Subscribe for useful tips, strategies, and more to help see growth in your creative business.


Breaking Financial Mental Barriers W/Rahkim Sabree
Show Details33min 59s
Good Branding Starts With Good Intentions
Show Details13min 8s
Building An Innovative Shoe Brand W/Damilola Adepoju (IG: @Badwine) Season 3, Episode #5
Show Details32min 50s
Pivoting Strategies We Can Learn From Big Brands
Show Details25min 39s
"Be Just As Valuable Offline As You Are Online" W/Kenneth Elliott, Season 3, Ep#3
Show Details1hr 2min
How Can Creative Business Owners Survive This Climate? W/Michael Janda & Tom Ross, Season 3 Ep#2
Show Details41min 41s
Flashback Episode: "What Do You Want From Tech?" W/Kenneth Elliot, Episode #15, Season 2
Show Details1hr 19min
Think Bigger & Lead By Example w/Deandre Wilson: Ep #13, Season 2
Show Details46min 5s
Photographers, Put Your Photos To Work, w/CEO of Scopio Images, Christina Hawatmeh: Ep #12, Season 2
Show Details37min 35s
Mental Wellness & Creative Outlet Ideas w/Jeneva Burton: Ep #11, Season 2
Show Details40min 21s
The Benefits of Partnerships & How to Form Them w/Addie Rawr: Ep #9, Season 2
Show Details54min 21s
A Look Into Photographing The NBA w/ Moses Kinnah: Ep #7 Season 2
Show Details35min 50s
Be a Servant to Society, Everyone Will Benefit; Including You. W/Khristian Vinca: Ep #6, Season 2
Show Details41min 25s
"Serious Inquiries Only" Why Is This Important? W/Jasmine X: Ep #5, Season 2
Show Details40min 20s
Breaking The Mold of Your Personal Brand, With Wyze: Ep #3, Season 2
Show Details49min 48s
"We Work From Wherever We Want" What is a Virtual Assistant? W/Rae Johnson: Season 2, Ep #2
Show Details47min 24s
Why Saturation Isn't As Bad As You Think It Is, W/Shane Adams: Ep #1, Season 2
Show Details54min 21s
"Designed From Scratch" Building an E-Commerce Legacy, with Jay Donaldson: Ep #27
Show Details40min 28s
Photography Side Hustles: Getting Started in Real Estate Photography, Ep #26
Show Details17min 39s
Do Artist Need An Entrepreneurial Spirit? Building a Creative Business W/Sasha-Loriene: Ep #25
Show Details1hr 5min
"Storytelling Helps You Stand Out" Building a Community with Alisha Robertson: Ep #24
Show Details34min 54s
"What Makes Us Different Is That We Don't Quit" Building a Successful Clothing Brand W/Trevin Brown: Ep #22
Show Details53min 54s
"Property Management Really Isn't That Bad" Learning About REI With Amy Silverman: Ep #21
Show Details1hr 3min
"Learn a Skill That'll Keep You Paid" Learning About Customs & Design W/Timauri Jackson: Ep #20
Show Details1hr 21min
"What Do You Want To Get From Tech?" Learning About Web Development W/Kenneth Elliot: Ep #18
Show Details1hr 20min
"Shooting For Essence Was Cool" Getting Your Work Noticed, With Kennedi Carter: Ep #17
Show Details42min 40s
Managing Money For Long Term Success In Freelancing: Ep #16 W/Rich Rembert
Show Details1hr 14min
Balancing Mental Health & Entrepreneurship: w/co-host Jaren Crews Ep #15
Show Details54min 58s
Building Teams & Keeping Circles Tight, w/Co-host Jaren Crews: Ep #14
Show Details1hr 16min
Pushing Through Creative Burnout, W/Adrian Walker: Ep #13
Show Details1hr 11min
Creating at Your Own Pace, a Conversation W/Jake Tovar: Episode #11
Show Details1hr 4min
Breaking Into The Commercial Model Industry, a Conversation W/Jaren Crews: Episode #10
Show Details43min 38s
"Know Your Value" Interview With Richard Rembert: Episode #9
Show Details1hr 9min
"Product Photography Can Make You Rich" Episode 8: W/Jay Rembert
Show Details51min 32s
Solving Problems Through Photography: Interview With Saskia Nelson, Episode #5
Show Details48min 5s
"Take Care of You First" Interview W/Miesha Williams Episode #4
Show Details51min 15s
"Step Into Your True Self" Interview W/Alexandra Kee and Tevin Washington: Episode #3
Show Details45min 41s
"Be The Change" Interview W/Cameron Dark Episode 1
Show Details46min 25s