The Consumer VC: Venture Capital I B2C Startups I Commerce | Early-Stage Investing

The Consumer VC takes a look into early-stage consumer investing and venture capital. If you are interested in learning about consumer trends, have a b2c business and interested in learning about the fundraising process at the early stage, you have come to the right place.

Mike interviews some of the top venture capitalists in the world that focus on B2C and consumer type companies or have a deep track record investing in these categories such as marketplaces, SaaS, social, CPG and non-tech subscription.

Mike also interviews founders that are building some of the most disruptive consumer facing companies in the world. The conversation usually includes the insight the founder discovered, fundraising strategy, and the pitch.

This podcast also includes bonus episodes. Each bonus episode dives into a particular subject that might not have to due with the fundraise or venture capital, but still would be helpful to founders. For example, a bonus episode on brand strategy or how to construct a board of directors. All bonus episodes will be clearly labeled.

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Haley Rosen (Just Women's Sports) - Starting a sports media company through the pandemic, the relationship between athlete and journalist, and why women's sports are overlooked
Show Details33min 33s
Jordan Nathan (Caraway) - Scaling one of the fastest growing brands during COVID
Show Details28min 53s
Ben West (Spark Grills) - The flavor of charcoal and the ease of gas combine to make the modern precision grill
Show Details33min 7s
Max Niederhofer (Heartcore) - Investing in happiness and the differences scaling in Europe vs. U.S.
Show Details45min 57s
Tige Savage (Revolution) - Investing in regulated industries and outside of SIlicon Valley
Show Details37min 50s
Ernesto Schmitt (The Craftory) - Why digitally native brands should wait to head into retail, and investing globally at the Series A
Show Details44min 15s
John Sherwin (Hydrant) - Are we in a dehydration crisis?
Show Details43min 30s
Heather Hartnett (Human Ventures) - The Human Needs Economy
Show Details39min 49s
Megan Bent (Harbinger Ventures) - Why milk alternatives is in a better position than cell based meat to win, the benefits of a concentrated portfolio, and sharing carried interest
Show Details48min 24s
Tyler Mincey (Bolt VC) - New business models for SaaS + Box, design vs. sustainability and what's next in tech enabled products
Show Details33min 16s
Rachel ten Brink - Founding Scentbird, investing in personal care, and how to grow online
Show Details46min 16s
Brian Reilly (Will Ventures) - The opportunities investing in sports, media and telehealth
Show Details45min 38s
Sandy Gibson (Better Place Forests) - New natural traditions for your final resting place
Show Details42min 57s
John Gannon (GoingVC) - How to break into venture capital and the power of cohort based learning
Show Details38min 5s
Ben Zises (SuperAngel.Fund) - Starting a rolling fund, what first check-in means, and lessons learned from founding
Show Details53min 13s
Justin Kolbeck (Wild Type) - Creating the most sustainable seafood, the state of the ocean, and developing fast feedback loops
Show Details41min 19s
Steve Sashen (Xero Shoes) - Building the ultimate minimalist shoe
Show Details54min 43s
Ariel Kaye (Parachute) - Creating the leading brand in bedding and home decor
Show Details30min 21s
Lindsay Kaplan (Chief) - Building the network for women leaders
Show Details32min 17s
Kate Shillo Beardsley (Hannah Grey) - The early days of venture capital in New York, learning from Martha Stewart, and the creator economy
Show Details51min 46s
Mark Gainey (Strava) - Building the social network for athletes
Show Details43min 2s
Matteo Franceschetti (Eight Sleep) - Why we should optimize our sleep
Show Details26min 50s
Amir Nathoo (Outschool) - Building a direct to family marketplace to help kids learn what they want to learn
Show Details43min 25s
Madeline Haydon (nutpods) - Developing creamers from scratch with no food and bev experience, using Amazon as a testing ground, and fundraising without a network
Show Details47min 26s
Elizabeth Galbut (SoGal Ventures) - The biggest arbitrage opportunity of her lifetime, managing a global investment fund, and leveraging her community to make decisions
Show Details57min 1s
Ryan Gnesin (Elevate Brands) - Investing and Scaling Amazon Brands
Show Details33min 52s
Dan Reich ( + TULA) - From skincare to SaaS, building B2C and B2B businesses
Show Details41min 49s
Robin Li (GGV Capital) - What U.S. investors can learn from China's consumer internet, bringing small businesses online and opportunities in the creator economy
Show Details36min 22s
Callie Christensen and Kelly Oriard (Slumberkins) - Creating stories to help teach children emotional learning, scaling organically and fundraising when you don't have a lead investor
Show Details44min 29s
Andrew Dudum (hims & hers) - The Future of Telehealth
Show Details38min 16s
Eric Doty (Loupe) - Building the world's largest community of sports card collectors
Show Details50min 27s
Monique Woodard (Cake Ventures) - The three layers of cake investment thesis, the future of work, and demographic changes that lead into opportunity
Show Details38min 34s
Sara Deshpande (Maven) - Investing in companies building on top of Zoom and opportunities in Telehealth
Show Details41min 18s
Morgan Hirsh (Public Goods) - Finding simplicity while focusing on selling sustainable essentials
Show Details26min 36s
Alexandra Fine (Dame Products) - Normalizing Sexual Wellness and Self Care Products
Show Details40min 47s
Aditi Dash and Joe Hovde (CircleUp) - Balancing data with founder-market fit when investing in consumer brands
Show Details33min 30s
Wendy Tsu & Susannah Shipton (AlleyCorp) - Going from idea to venture-scalable business
Show Details1hr 1min
Leigh Radford (P&G Ventures) - What is Corporate Venture Capital, and the Advantages For Aspiring Brands
Show Details24min 52s
Carey Smith (Unorthodox) - Scaling Big Ass Fans to $250 million and What It Means to be a Contrarian Investor
Show Details41min 39s
Helaine Knapp (CITYROW) - How Running Injuries Led Her To Start Boutique Rowing Fitness Gyms and Transforming The Studio Experience to At-Home
Show Details33min 57s
Brandon Schwartz and Lawrence Cisneros (DRNXMYTH) - Creating World Class Cocktails, Partnering with Bartenders, and Creating a Marketplace Out of a Bottle
Show Details29min 51s
Kelsey Moreira (Doughp) - Leaving Tech to Start a Cookie Dough Company, Growth of Ecommerce During COVID, and Her Appearance on Shark Tank
Show Details33min 2s
Mercedes Bent (Lightspeed) - The State of Series A, Future of EdTech, and Evolution of Investment Products
Show Details40min 14s
Hugh Thomas (Ugly) - The Opportunity He Saw With Sparkling Water, Why He Started OmniChannel, and Approach to Overseas Expansion
Show Details41min 7s
Tyler Morgan (BFG Partners): How His Passion for Health & Wellness Led Him Into CPG, Changes During COVID, and The Evolution of BFG
Show Details31min 47s
Deborah Benton (Willow Growth Partners) - The Need to Focus on Profitability from Day One, Why Raising Lots of Money Doesn't Mean Success, and Her Investment Philosophy at Willow Growth
Show Details41min 58s
Brendan Rogers (Wag! and 2 a.m.) - Founding Wag!, Scaling by Doing Unscalable Things, and Investment Opportunities in India
Show Details35min 47s
Amanda Groves (PLUS Capital) - The Power of Celebrity, The Most Unlikely Partnership, and Managing an Advisory Practice with a VC Fund
Show Details34min 12s
Beatriz Acevedo (SUMA) - Why Personal Finance, How Content Can Build Community and Educate, and Creating Products Serving the Latinx Community
Show Details57min 39s
Rick Desai (Listen) - What Makes a Compelling Brand, Why He Loves Patagonia, and His Approach to Investing in Consumer Products
Show Details44min 5s
Steven Wolfe Pereira (Encantos) - Teaching Kids 21st Century Skills, Building a Direct to Learner EdTech Company, and Overlooked Opportunities That Make Real Impact
Show Details36min 13s
Jeff Housenbold (Softbank) - Approach to Risk with $100B AUM, Identifying Markets That Are Ripe for Disruption, and Assessing Value Chains
Show Details54min 57s
Michael Nogen (Overton VC) - Founding Theality Maternity Wear, Learnings Working at Gap and How He Thinks about Innovation
Show Details28min 17s
Andrew Goletka & Franklin Isacson (Coefficient Capital) - Behaviors that changed forever in 2020, Investing in CPG at the Series A, and when to go into retail
Show Details35min 42s
Lucy Deland (Inspired Capital) - Founding Paperless Post, How Design Became Critical To Software, and Why She's A Generalist Investor
Show Details36min 31s
Brian Requarth (Latitud + Viva Real) - Building an Online Real Estate Marketplace in Latin America, Raising Money Without a Network, and Solving Supply vs. Demand
Show Details42min 8s
Sapna Shah (Red Giraffe) - Future of Retail, Drop Shipping, and Small World, Long Life
Show Details44min 21s
Holiday Highlights: Ezra Galston, Founding Partner of Starting Line
Show Details20min 31s
Holiday Highlights: Natalie Dillon, Principal at Maveron
Show Details19min 54s
Holiday Highlights: Anna Whiteman, Vice President at Coefficient Capital
Show Details26min 51s
Holiday Highlights: Charles Hudson, Founding Partner Precursor Ventures
Show Details22min 10s
Holiday Highlights: Sarah Kunst, Managing Director of Cleo Capital
Show Details22min 12s
Holiday Highlights: Sasha Astafyeva, Partner at Atomico
Show Details18min 53s
Holiday Highlights: Michael Duda, Founding Partner of Bullish
Show Details27min 52s
Holiday Highlights: Kanyi Maqubela, Managing Partner Kindred Ventures
Show Details30min 49s
Holiday Highlights: Samara Hernandez, Founding Partner Chingona Ventures
Show Details24min 22s
Holiday Highlights: Eric Paley, Founding Partner at Founder Collective
Show Details25min 8s
Holiday Highlights: Soraya Darabi, Founding Partner TMV
Show Details22min 40s
Holiday Highlights: Rishi Garg, Partner at Mayfield Fund
Show Details23min 42s
Holiday Recap: Jiake Liu, CEO of Outer
Show Details15min 46s
Holiday Recap: Jessica Rolph & Rod Morris, Co-CEOs of Lovevery
Show Details19min 43s
Holiday Recap: Michael Barlow, CEO of Fernish
Show Details14min 17s
Holiday Recap: Betsy Fore & Sofia Laurell, Co-CEOs of Tiny Organics
Show Details10min 28s
Holiday Recap: George Milton, CEO of Yellowbird Sauce
Show Details18min 19s
Holiday Recap: Coulter Lewis, CEO of Sunday
Show Details9min 36s
Holiday Recap: Adelle Archer, CEO of Eterneva
Show Details10min 25s
Holiday Recap: Kate Boyle, CEO of Banjo Robinson
Show Details17min 31s
Annoucement: Consumer VC Holiday Schedule
Show Details1min 19s
Matthias Metternich (Art of Sport) - Building the Nike of Body Care, The Power of the Athlete, and How to Build a Compelling Story for Retail
Show Details49min 14s
Aaron Fu (Catalyst Fund) - The Biggest Misconception When Investing In Emerging Markets, Difference Between Selling to SMBs and Consumers, and the Effects of Mobile First
Show Details32min 22s
Vincent Diallo & Joseph Sartre (Interlace Ventures) - Why ecommerce is boring, Why is China at the Forefront of Retail Tech, and Headless Commerce Explained
Show Details38min 21s
Michael Barlow (Fernish) - The Advantage of Not Knowing, His Approach to Building a Rental Furniture Supply Chain, and The Biggest Hurdle When Fundraising
Show Details36min 49s
Samara Hernandez (Chingona Ventures) - Why Chicago, How Diverse VC Teams Lead To Investing In Markets That Are Overlooked, and Some of the Differences When Investing In Consumer vs. Enterprise
Show Details45min 58s
Elizabeth Edwards (H Ventures) - Why Some DNVBs Don't Work On Shelf, Different Customer Insights You Receive in Retail vs. DTC and Demystifying Corporate Venture Capital
Show Details49min 21s
Taylor Nieman (Toucan) - Browser Extension Businesses, The Power of Partnerships, and Her Unique Approach to Fundraising
Show Details32min 17s
Nikhil Basu Trivedi (Next Big Thing) - Why Investing in Consumer Subscription Businesses Has Become The Next Big Thing, and The Reasons Physical Goods and Software Businesses Aren't That Different
Show Details29min 13s
Carlton Fowler (Goat Rodeo Capital) - The Changing Landscape In Beverage, Why Beverage is Poised For Ecommerce, and His Thoughts Around Portfolio Construction
Show Details34min 49s
Han Shen (iFly.VC) - How He Thinks About Overlooked Opportunities, Focusing on a Sector Rather Than Becoming Opportunistic, and How One of His Portfolio Companies Was Able to Pivot Successfully
Show Details52min 36s
Elaine Russell (Greycroft) - The Future of Retail, How to Choose a Co-Founder, and Running a Single LP Fund
Show Details38min 31s
Yury Lifshits (Openland) - How to Build a Community, The Hard Pivot, and Minimizing Friction
Show Details39min 42s
Bonus: Jordan Odinsky (Ground Up) - Cult Brands, Launch Strategies and the Importance of Celebrating The Failures
Show Details33min 31s
Wayne Wu (VMG) – His Ecosystem Approach, How He Builds Community In CPG, and Advice for Founders Located in Secondary Markets
Show Details32min 46s
Maya Horgan Famodu (Ingressive Capital) - Investing in Sub-Saharan Africa, What She Looks For When Entering New Countries, How to Build Startup Ecosystems in Frontier Markets
Show Details44min 49s
Nate Cooper (Barrel Ventures): Lessons Learned from Founding Two Companies, The Beauty of Chicago and Investing in Markets that are Overlooked
Show Details26min
Sarah Kunst (Cleo Capital) - The Future of Work, Complicated Consumer and How to Have a Diverse Portfolio
Show Details40min 2s
Sunny Dhillon (Signia Partners) - Grocery Store Technology, Why Beauty Brands Are Great To Invest In, and Changes in Retail
Show Details33min 58s
Hilary Quartner (Hilma) - Creating The "Clinical Herbal" Category, Her Fundraising Strategy, and The Decision Making Process with Two CEOs
Show Details20min 47s
Alix Peabody (Bev) - From Producing Events to Founding a Wine Company, The Challenges When Raising Capital, and How She Thinks About Opportunities
Show Details30min 50s
Office Hour 2. David Goldberg (Corigin Ventures)
Show Details16min 57s
Jiake Liu (Outer) - How Outer Became The Fastest Growing DNVB In The US, His Approach to Showrooms, and Why You Can't Rely On "Build It and They Will Come"
Show Details53min 5s
Dan Gluck (Powerplant) - The Opportunity He Saw After Reading "Born To Run" and His Inspiration Behind Investing in Plant Based Products
Show Details48min 55s
Alex Levitt (Yellow) - Inside Snap Inc.'s Launchpad for Startups, Building Products On Top of Social Platforms, and Her Diligence Process
Show Details33min 13s
Betsy Fore and Sofia Laurell (Tiny Organics) - Delivering The Healthiest Food to Babies, Approaching a Co-CEO Partnership, and Their Unique Way of Approaching Organic Growth
Show Details26min 46s
Mitch Hayes (Los Sundays) - Building a Tequila Brand for the Millennial, Focusing on Generating Demand, and a Taste of the Beverage Industry
Show Details32min 54s
Sasha Astafyeva (Atomico) - Growing a Real Estate Tech Company in Brazil, Series A Consumer Landscape in Europe, and How She Thinks About International Expansion
Show Details40min 40s
Nick Mindel (Amberstone) - Differences Between Trends and Fads, The Opportunity He Saw Investing In Consumer Brands, Why He's Bullish On Founders Located In Secondary Markets
Show Details39min 52s
Ezra Galston (Starting Line) - Benefits of Chicago, Managed vs. Lightly Managed Marketplaces, and Consumer for the 99%
Show Details37min 56s
Coulter Lewis (Sunday) - Introducing D2C & Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care, and Lessons From a Serial Entrepreneur
Show Details26min 28s
Adam Cohen-Aslatei (S'more) - Bringing Inclusivity and Honesty to Online Dating, and How He Successfully Fundraised
Show Details30min 2s
Jesse Draper (Halogen) - Why Investing In Female Led Businesses is Such a Massive Opportunity, Los Angeles Consumer Tech Scene, and Consuming Meaningful Content
Show Details39min 37s
Soraya Darabi (TMV) - The Care Economy, Where Change Needs to Start In VC, and How to Approach Market Sizing
Show Details45min 44s
Meera Clark (Obvious Ventures) - How COVID led to a Crossroads in Healthy Habits, Milestones at Series A, and How She Thinks About Sustainability and Consumer Centric
Show Details34min 25s
Eric Paley (Founder Collective) - Why Most Successful Companies Struggle To Convince VCs of Their Market Size, The Biggest Risk After Finding Product-Market Fit, and Why Pro-Rata Only Benefits Investors, Not Founders
Show Details48min 58s
Office Hour 1. Jason Shuman (Primary Ventures) - Recorded Live June 9th
Show Details16min 48s
Alex French (Bizzy Coffee) - The Cold Brew Competitive Landscape, Becoming #1 on Amazon, and Some of The Differences Raising from VCs and Family Offices
Show Details1hr 38min
Pippa Lamb (Sweet Capital) - Why Consumer Habits Developed During COVID Are Here To Stay, 99% Execution & 1% Vision, and Defining A Founder's Unfair Advantage
Show Details38min 27s
Compilation: Fundraising from the Founder Perspective
Show Details32min 1s
Dan Graham (Springdale Ventures) - How He Scaled to over $100 million, The Opportunity He Saw Investing in CPG in Austin, and the Differences Analyzing DTC and Retail Brands
Show Details47min 50s
Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris (Lovevery) - Building Toys For Different Stages of a Child's Development, Advice When Co-Founding A Company, and Their Approach to Fundraising
Show Details45min 17s
George Milton (Yellowbird Sauce) - Becoming The Hot Sauce Guy While Playing Gigs in Austin, Early Distribution Growing Pains, Getting into National Retail
Show Details1hr 1min
Tyler Handley (Inkbox) -Tattoos, Defining and New Market, and Why Stickiness Lies Within The Technology
Show Details54min 5s
Kanyi Maqubela (Kindred Ventures) - Why There's Been an Explosion in Seed and Late Stage Funds, Diversity Amongst Investors & Market Risk, and Why he's interested in Learning Why Something Is Not Fundable
Show Details52min 43s
Catharine Dockery (Vice Ventures) - Cannabis, Alcohol, Nicotine, Gambling and Everything Vice
Show Details23min 37s
Compilation: One Piece of Advice Investors Have for B2C Founders
Show Details20min 37s
Nadine Habayeb (Bohana) - The Future of Superfood Healthy Snacks, How Eastern Traditions Have Migrated West, and Finding Product-Market Fit
Show Details44min 54s
Daniel Gulati (Comcast Ventures) - Execution vs. Network Type Business, How To Think About Winning a Category, and Evaluating Blue Ocean Opportunities
Show Details1hr 34min
Byron Ling (Canaan) - Analyzing Teams, Why It Might Be Harder to Raise a Series A vs. Seed during COVID, and Why Distribution is as Important as Product
Show Details35min 12s
Claire Fauquier (Highland Capital Partners) - Purchase Behaviors of SMBs, Stretching Consumer and Sourcing at the Series A
Show Details35min 33s
Anna Whiteman (Coefficient Capital) - Bold Marketing Using Non-Standardizing Channels, When a DNVB Should Think About Omnichannel, and Milestones for CPG Companies at Series A
Show Details53min 11s
Adelle Archer (Eterneva) - From Ashes To Diamonds, A New Way To Honor Loved Ones and Experience Innovation
Show Details41min 41s
Bonus: Sasha Strauss (Innovation Protocol) - Brand Strategy, Not Making Brand Too Personal, and Importance of Positioning
Show Details44min 51s
Michael Duda (Bullish) - Why TAM Is Overrated, Empathize But Don't Listen, and DTC 3.0
Show Details52min 44s
Joe Tonnos (Ketch Ventures & Mistral Equity Partners) - Cricket Protein, Tequila and Investing in Sustainability
Show Details42min 1s
Bonus: Arie Abecassis (ICONYC Labs) - The Board of Directors
Show Details38min 3s
Kate McAndrew (Bolt) - Distributed Teams, Fundraising Outside the Major Hubs, and Impact of COVID
Show Details47min 11s
Bonus: Brian Wang (Dashing Leadership) - Why A Founder Might Need A Coach and a Conversation About Curiosity, Judgement and Culture
Show Details46min 33s
Bonus - Zac Dearing: Paycheck Protection Program
Show Details24min 41s
Rishi Garg (Mayfield) - Consumer Distrust, Curated Experiences, and What’s Next For Social Media
Show Details48min 27s
David Goldberg (Corigin Ventures) - The Sharing Economy, Consumerization of Enterprise Software, and Distribution
Show Details32min 38s
Natalie Dillon (Maveron) - Subcultures, Sustainability, and The Differences Between Gen Z & and Millennials
Show Details37min 29s
Kiva Dickinson (Selva Ventures) - Best Time To Start A Brand, Why First Mover is So Important in CPG, and Why VCs are Scared of Getting it Wrong
Show Details1hr 21min
Madeline Keulen (Victress Capital) - Knowing Your Why, Analyzing Contrasting Trends, and Building Brands
Show Details30min 41s
Logan Langberg (Imaginary Ventures) - DTC 2.0, Multiple Channels of Distribution, and Paid vs. Organic Growth
Show Details45min 3s
Charles Hudson (Precursor Ventures) - The State of Seed Investing, The Early Stage Ecosystem, and Why Consumer Has Been Out Of Favor with VCs
Show Details40min 34s
Bonus - Coronavirus: Feat. Robert Gelb (HeySummit) - How early stage investors are thinking about the current landscape?
Show Details30min
Laura Chau (Canaan) - The Five Pillars of Social Media, Moving Towards Status and the Power of Grit
Show Details28min 17s
Ethan Austin (Techstars) - Punched in the Face with a Problem, Analyzing Teams and EQ
Show Details48min 39s
Lee Hower (NextView Ventures) - Making Good Decisions Fast, Going With Your Gut and Why Trust at the Early Stages Is Vital
Show Details53min 2s
Bonus - Matt Hirst (West): Brand and Marketing - What is Brand?, How to Hire at the Early Stages, and Trusting Your Gut vs. Data Driven
Show Details44min 28s
Elizabeth Yin (Hustle Fund) - Investing When There’s No Traction and How To Mitigate Risk When Founding
Show Details30min 41s
Jason Shuman (Primary Ventures) - Payback Period, Market Timing, and The Importance of Distribution
Show Details29min 30s
Kate Boyle (Banjo Robinson) - Expanding Into Different Countries, Her Unfair Advantage, and Storytelling
Show Details45min 55s
Gautam Gupta (M13) - The Thin Line Between Success and Failure, Board Construction, and Why He Offers Learnings, Not Advice
Show Details27min 5s
Tim Katt (TACK Ventures) - How Tech is Disrupting Sports, Media and Advice for Founders in Secondary Markets
Show Details35min 42s
Sophie Bakalar (fable & Collaborative Fund) - What is Market Expertise?, Conscious Consumerism, and How She Sensed An Opportunity
Show Details39min 18s
Sumeet Shah (Swiftarc Ventures) - 4th Generation of Retail, Periscope Founders and What is Wrong in VC
Show Details46min 53s
Jason Stoffer (Maveron) - Mediocre Markets, Early Traction, and Knowing Your Weaknesses
Show Details28min 32s
Jordan Nof (Tusk VP) - Regulated Industries, The Importance of Timing, and Good Growth vs. Bad Growth
Show Details26min 54s
Eamonn Carey (Techstars) - Consumer Trends in Europe, Expanding to New Markets, and The Three Most Important Words in the English Language
Show Details1hr 9min
Greg Bettinelli (Upfront Ventures) - #longla, Why Los Angeles Has Become a Hub of Consumer Innovation, and finding Product-Market Fit & Founder-Market Fit
Show Details21min 10s
Paul Martino (Bullpen Capital) - What it Means to be a Contrarian Investor, The Arbitrage Opportunity at Post Seed, and Founders That Have Chips On Their Shoulders
Show Details32min 5s
Anna Barber (Techstars) - What makes the Los Angeles Tech Ecosystem So Special, Breakdown of Techstars Accelerator Program, Tips on How to Reach Out to Investors
Show Details30min
Mike Ghaffary (Canvas Ventures) - How to Evaluate Online Marketplaces, Why This is a Contrarian time to Invest in Consumer
Show Details40min 9s
Leah Solivan (Fuel Capital) - The Importance of Passion, When a Company Should Have Product-Market Fit, and What Founders Should Pay Attention To In Their Pitch Decks
Show Details33min 43s
Will McClelland (Elizabeth Street) - The Changing of Retail on High Streets, How to Analyze Competitive Advantages, ROI on Consumer Companies
Show Details55min 21s
Mike Duboe (Greylock) - Learnings as Head of Growth at Stitch Fix & Tilt, The Importance of Saying No, and Analyzing Health of Acquisition
Show Details35min 7s
David Wu (Maveron) - The Reinvention of Entertainment, The Founder Scorecard, and the Lessons Learned From Building a Houseboat and Cruising Down the Mississippi
Show Details42min 55s
Rick Heitzmann (FirstMark Capital) - The Future of Marketplaces, Why investing in B2C companies is different to B2B companies, Investing in Secondary and Tertiary Markets
Show Details34min 47s
Susan Lyne (BBG Ventures) - Why Investing in Women Founders is Still an Untapped Market
Show Details33min 24s
Caitlin Strandberg (Lerer Hippeau) - How To Identify Consumer Pain Points, The D2C Investment Landscape, and The New York Ecosystem
Show Details21min 8s
Ajay Kamat (Pear VC) - Clarity of Thought, Future of Audio, and Today's Investing Landscape
Show Details28min 4s
Amit Mukherjee (NEA) - The Gen Z Consumer, How to Evaluate Two Different Competing Companies
Show Details27min 1s
Nicole Quinn (Lightspeed Venture Partners) - Future of Media, Investing in Women, and Thinking Big
Show Details28min 17s
Hayden Williams (BrandProject) - Empathy, Investing in Smoothies, and the Fickle Consumer
Show Details31min 13s
Jay Kapoor (Launch Capital) - Persistence, Building Trust & Finding Founder-Market Fit
Show Details42min 23s
0. Why The Consumer VC
Show Details4min 59s