Attune to Prosperity

1h 0m | Jan 19, 2023
Thursdays 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EDT)


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes International Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Co-Founder, Judy Vee.


At the age of 15, Judy had the first of a number of extraordinary 'transcendent' experiences that gave her insight into the extraordinariness of who we are. That we are so much more than our mortal bodies and can access the universal intelligence of infinite knowledge and potentiality through BEING in our feminine energy.


Today, Judy is an international best-selling author, award winning entrepreneur, speaker, co-founder of Tribe of Traders and creator of Trilogy of Transformation and the Attune to Prosperity



Over the past 20+ years Judy has built and sold numerous multimillion dollar businesses in many categories, including starting the first ever online coaching business in 2000.


Judy has studied and researched human potential for over 20 years. Judy overcome the most extraordinary challenge of being locked up throughout her childhood until she escaped in her early 20's, to go on to create massively successful businesses.


Join Sam and Judy as they discuss the energy behind creating prosperity and what it takes to transform your wealth mindset.  

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