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1h 0m | Mar 16, 2023
Thursdays 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EDT)


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Bestselling Author, Personal & Business Mentor, Author Consultant, and Intuitive Advisor, D. Takara Shelor.

Takara is best known for helping spiritually-minded women pen, publish, & promote a bestselling book so they can get more clients and make more sales. 


She's the bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace, Bestselling Co-author of Unleash Your Future, creator, manager, and co-author of Dolphins & Whales Forever, and contributing author of Extraordinary Teams.


Takara is the creator of Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy Oils & Mists. She's the head instructor at Magnificent U, co-founder of Deep Dive Publishers & Heart of the Goddess Online, and a featured trainer at Mind Motion Academy.


Join Sam and Takara as they discuss how to expand your consciousness even during challenging times.

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