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The Conquest of Bliss

Curating information and experience about wellbeing. From expert guests like anthropologists & Psychologists to laypeople with interesting experience, the show is working to unravel the mysteries of happiness.


S3 Ep10 - Series Finale of The Conquest of Bliss (with just Kara)
Show Details41min 36s
S3 Ep 9 - Fighting ACE's with the Domains of Wellness (With Dr. G)
Show Details47min 24s
S3 Ep 8 - A Deeper Look at Sex Addiction (With Gallo)
Show Details41min 24s
S3 Ep7 - I've Been Everywhere, Man (With RC Hand)
Show Details39min 16s
S3 Ep6 - Navigating Physical Health Problems (With Barby Ingle)
Show Details41min 36s
S3 Ep 5 - Love Made Simple (With Juan Lee)
Show Details42min 37s
S3 Ep4 - Reclaiming Joy (With Kim McIntyre)
Show Details34min 2s
S3 Ep3 - Now Try This! (With Nick Nieves)
Show Details46min 10s
S3 Ep3 - I Never Metaphor I Didn’t Like (With Dr. Yohan John)
Show Details47min 56s
S3 Ep2 - Causing the Effect (With Scott Gazzoli)
Show Details40min 22s
S3 Ep1 - Relationship Building 101 (With Jann Ramirez)
Show Details56min 29s
S2 Ep33 - Grass seeds can Change the World (With Ben Kitchings)
Show Details50min
S2 Ep 32 - Through a Therapist‘s Eyes (With Chris Gadzik)
Show Details56min 30s
S2 Ep31 - Advanced Psychoproctology (With Dr. Jeremy E. Sherman)
Show Details56min 22s
S2 Ep30 - Addiction and Fiction (With Shawn Moreau)
Show Details33min 19s
S2 Ep29 - Surfing Theta Waves (with J. Robert Parker)
Show Details52min 32s
S2 Ep28 - Positive Pop Culture (With Tim Beiseigal)
Show Details50min 14s
S2 Ep27 - An Episode for the Ages (With Dr. Joseph Meyer)
Show Details56min 35s
S2 Ep26- Mentorship: A Secret Weapon (With Erik Allen)
Show Details28min 12s
S1 Ep25 - Writing for Catharsis (With Naomi Richards)
Show Details45min 21s
S2 Ep24 - Are You Happy? With Atdhe Trepca
Show Details35min 32s
S2 Ep23 - Blissful Living (With Rochele Marie Lawson)
Show Details44min 17s
S2 Ep22 - The Woman behind The Journey (With Sara Feinstein)
Show Details1hr
S2 Ep21 - Update on Kara, How Grief and Chronic Pain Mix
Show Details19min 52s
S2 Ep20 - Love Notes to Your Body (With Nicole C Ayers)
Show Details56min 2s
S2 Ep19 - Wrestling with Our Spirituality (With Sean J Stevens)
Show Details51min 1s
S2 Ep18 - Healthy People, Healthy Systems (With Joshua Scott Hotchkin)
Show Details35min 27s
S2 Ep17 - Adolescent Drug Abuse (with Richard Capriola)
Show Details47min 6s
S2 Ep16 - An Interview With a Psychopath
Show Details38min 46s
S2 Ep15 - When One Door Closes (With Raymond Lorman)
Show Details56min 51s
S2 Ep14 - It‘s Getting Better All the Time (With Omar and Elizabeth Williams)
Show Details59min 4s
S2 Ep13 - Up, Down, and Up Again (With Deborah Driggs)
Show Details57min 15s
S2 Ep12 - Redefining our Worlds (With Toby Morrell)
Show Details36min 23s
S2 Ep11 - Leadership Doesn't Mean Making Demands (With Mialei Iske)
Show Details34min 17s
S2 Ep10 - Chocolate Drop In Corporate America (With Genesis Amaris Kemp!)
Show Details40min 58s
The Conquest of Bliss Trailer!
Show Details1min 7s
S2 Ep9 - Meditation, military, and Good Dudelyness (With Malachi)
Show Details47min 3s
S2 Ep8 - The Happiness Experts! (With Paul Krismer)
Show Details57min 26s
S2 Ep6 - Kara goes live!
Show Details18min 33s
S2 E5 - Prohibition isn't Helping Anyone (With Evan's Explosion)
Show Details29min 44s
S2 Ep 4 - Science, emotions, and experience (with Dr. Yohan John, Neuroscientist)
Show Details48min 28s
S2, Ep3 - An Anthropological take on Happiness
Show Details56min 37s
S2, Ep2 - When Ideal Doesn't Work (With the Mental Podcast!)
Show Details47min 49s
S2, Ep1 - That‘s on Self Love
Show Details46min 13s
S1 Ep59‐ I Got it From my Mama (with Lianne Virgint)
Show Details40min 12s
S1 Ep58 - Finding Julia (With Julia Brockelman)
Show Details56min 31s
S1 Ep57 - Ask PK (With PK Langley)
Show Details47min 24s
S1 Ep56 - Friends for Who Knows How Long (With Matthew Schwartz)
Show Details24min 15s
BONUS- One year Anniversary!
Show Details24min 40s
S1 Ep55 - London‘s Happiest Bus Driver (With Patrick Lawson)
Show Details54min 25s
S1 Ep54- Selfless Selfishness (With Sammie Glover)
Show Details36min 54s
S1 Ep53 - Cultivating a Kind Frame of Mind
Show Details40min 21s
Episode 52 - Fly Around the World to Find Yourself at Home (with Bryann Hughson)
Show Details35min 41s
S1 Ep51 - Positive Psychology, Meaning and Mindfulness (With Courtney Ackerman!)
Show Details44min 31s
S1 Ep50 - Psychedelic or Psychoanalysis? (With Angie Díez and Jonah Barrueta)
Show Details46min 57s
S1 Ep49 - How Our Suffering Teaches Us (with Rachel Morris)
Show Details44min 28s
S1 Ep48 - A Journey to Genuine Happiness (with Katlyn Edworthy)
Show Details47min 50s
S1 Ep47 -Karma, Dharma, and Identity (with Johnson Chong)
Show Details53min 59s
S1 Ep46 - The Fear is in the Feelings (With Coach Alex Ray)
Show Details49min 21s
S1 Ep45 - Englix, Caste Systems, and Eastern Religions
Show Details39min 5s
S1 Ep44 - My Favourite Adventure (With Matt LaMontagne)
Show Details40min 49s
S1 Ep43 - Loving the Skin We‘re In
Show Details31min 19s
S1 Ep42 - Don‘t Take Things Too Seriously (with Skweezy Jibbs!)
Show Details48min 35s
S1 Ep41- My Therapist Says... (with Mary Beth McCauley)
Show Details40min 51s
S1 Ep40 - The Balance of Body and Spirit (with Angell Deer)
Show Details50min 12s
S1 Ep39 - Imagination is a hell of a thing (With Paul Matthew Harrison)
Show Details56min 58s
S1 Ep38 - Body Neutrality with Jayc Martin
Show Details43min 21s
Episode 37- Community for growth, healing, and acceptance (with Aaron Rick)
Show Details32min 58s
S1 Ep36 - Cocaine Rats and Other Interesting Things (with Rose Bell)
Show Details52min 57s
S1 Ep35 - Forgiveness is a Super Power (with Jim Jeffcott)
Show Details33min 6s
S1 Ep34 - Angel Works (with Pam Drinnon)
Show Details54min 39s
S1 Ep34 - Surviving the Storm (With Josh Wing)
Show Details43min 57s
S1 Ep33 - Managing our Conditioned Biases
Show Details54min 6s
S1 Ep32 - Shared Lost Love (with Jami)
Show Details50min 17s
S1 Ep31 - Trading Shame for Guilt (with Dr. Rachel Hannam)
Show Details48min 30s
S1 Ep30 - Becoming Whole Again
Show Details45min 23s
S1 Ep29 - Let‘s Talk about Sects! (with Sarah Steele)
Show Details39min 14s
S1 Ep28 - The Taoist Farmer (with Becca Switzer)
Show Details43min 56s
S1 Ep27 - Privilege, Happiness, and Adventure
Show Details35min 19s
S1 Ep26 - Hoagie‘s back! (with Tyler Hoagland)
Show Details52min 53s
S1 Ep25 - Sextra, Sextra, Hear All About It! (with Nicolle Hodges)
Show Details41min 54s
S1 Ep24 - Life, Death, and Yoga (with Jordan Murdick)
Show Details33min 7s
S1 Ep23 - Reiki, Energy, and Healing (with Lena)
Show Details33min 19s
S1 Ep22 - Spring into Happiness!
Show Details37min 6s
S1 Ep21 - Leyshock talks shop
Show Details37min 50s
S1 Ep20 - Playful Learning and a Magical Life
Show Details41min 12s
S1 Ep19 - Catching up with old friends (with Raymond Lorman)
Show Details38min 32s
Show Details6min 53s
S1 Ep18 - My Mum is Kind of Amazing
Show Details28min 11s
S1 Ep17 - Skin care for self care with Michelle
Show Details41min 55s
S1 Ep16 - You Don‘t Have to Make Happiness (w/Alexander Hoagland!)
Show Details28min 6s
S1 Ep15 - Put the Unity in Community (with Rayah Dickerson)
Show Details37min 47s
S1 Ep14 - The Red Tent with Jo Mazgay
Show Details45min 6s
S1 Ep13 - Light in the Darkness with Andrey Psyche
Show Details46min 12s
S1 Ep12 - Life, Science, and Spirituality (with Tej Dhaliwal)
Show Details23min 31s
S1 Ep11 - Can‘t Touch This (with Zac Zinn)
Show Details34min 14s
S1 Ep10 - Talking to Strangers (with Andrey Psyche)
Show Details39min 26s
S1 Ep9 - Yoga and Life with Rob Richards
Show Details42min 44s
S1 Ep8 - What is Love? (Baby Don‘t Hurt Me)
Show Details36min 22s
S1 Ep7 - Coping with Nurse Bethany
Show Details31min 23s
S1 Ep6 - A Chat with Matt!
Show Details51min 4s
S1 Ep5 - You‘re speaking my language
Show Details37min 31s
S1 Ep4 - Fear Ramblin‘
Show Details23min 14s
S1 Ep3 - Happiness with Bethany Williams
Show Details27min 41s
S1 Ep2 - A Conversation with my Dad
Show Details48min 9s
S1 Ep1 - Living in ”I don‘t know”
Show Details28min 20s
S1 Ep0 - The Conquest of Bliss Intro
Show Details21min 38s