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Conner is creating a home for the Politically Homeless.

Breaking down today's politics, culture wars, and current events while calling out hypocrisy, corruption, and lies. The time for anti-partisanship is now.


FBI Be Raidin" | Trump's Crib Got Raided, Ukraine Malarkey, Inflation Reduction Act, and Kansas Abortion Vote Results
Show Details1hr 8min
Let Freedom Ring? | Ukraine Pops Off, Republicans Limit Freedom, and Katy Tur Opens Up
Show Details59min 7s
Can't Trust Em' | Faith in Biden and Trump Tanks, Church Taking Over State, and Conservation Getting Crushed
Show Details1hr 21min
A War On F*cking | Roe v Wade Breakdown, Ukraine Update, Uvalde News, and more.
Show Details1hr 40min
Grifters Be Grifting | Uvalde Bad Takes, Politically Homeless Voters, South Baptist S*xual Assault, and DeSantis vs Trump
Show Details1hr 30min
Uvalde Shooting, Gun Violence Roots, Proposed Reforms, and Firearms 101
Show Details1hr 20min
Think Better | 2000 Mules Breakdown, Baby Formula Shortage, Ukraine Aid, Crack Pipes, and much more
Show Details1hr 45min
Let's Talk It Out | Roe v Wade Leak, Ministry of Truth, Student Loan Forgiveness, and The Ukraine Aid Package
Show Details1hr 24min
It's Against Community Guidelines | Libs Of TikTok, Elon and Twitter, Dems 2024 Ranking, and More
Show Details1hr 50min
Pro-Freedom My Ass | Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill, Marijuana Legalization, UFOs, and Madison Cawthorn's Orgy
Show Details1hr 3min
Corporate Media Is Wrong A Lot | Hunter Biden's Laptop, Ukraine Update, Trans Myths Busted Busted, and more
Show Details1hr 23min
The Simplicity Of Geopolitics | Ukraine Update, Biolabs, Gas Prices, and Censorship
Show Details1hr 23min
It's Propaganda | Ukraine Update, SOTU Highlights, Bill Gates is Sad, Prince Andrew Settles
Show Details1hr 10min
Russia, Ukraine, and US
Show Details37min 3s
You're A Domestic Terrorist Now | Trump and Biden 2024 Polling, Trucker Update, Bill Maher's New Rule, and more
Show Details1hr 30min
Grow The F*ck Up | Crack Pipes, Changing Science, More Rogan, Democrats Watching Tucker Carlson, and more
Show Details1hr 14min
Turn The Tables | Joe Rogan and Spotify, Whoopi Goldberg, and Lockdowns
Show Details1hr 36min
Don't Be A Boot Licker | Candian Truckers, Joe Rogan, Mark Cuban's Does Pharma, Ukraine, Chinese Fight Club, and Dan Crenshaw Needs Money
Show Details48min 46s
Anti-Authoritarian Barbie | Red Wave, Texas Weed, Great Resignation, Don Lemon Spreads Misinformation, and more
Show Details1hr 53min
A World Without Accountability | Congressional Stock Trading, Cruz vs FBI, Rand Paul and Fauci (again), and Dems Turn on CDC
Show Details59min 41s
Welcome To 2022 | Dr. Malone on JRE, Omicron Update, Treating Covid With Racism, Doctors Complaining About Their Jobs, and more
Show Details1hr 12min
A Winter of Severe Illness and Death | Biden's Remarks, Dems 2022 Strategy, Overdose Data, and more
Show Details1hr 17min
America Being America | Trevor Noah, Inflation, Jen Psaki Mocks Free Testing, Defense Budget Increases, and more
Show Details54min 7s
It's A Big Club And You Ain't In It | "SUV" Attack, Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, Chris Cuomo Suspended, and More
Show Details1hr 8min
No Surprises | Rittenhouse, Joe Rogan's Hot Take, War Crimes Exposed, Gates Media Funding, Republican Weed, Overdoses
Show Details1hr 17min
Play Stupid Games and Win Stupid Prizes | Aaron Rodgers, Rand Paul vs Fauci, Woke Media Breakdown, Kamala/Pete 2024, Jordan Peterson Gets Pissed
Show Details1hr 20min
Learning The Hard Way | Youngkin Wins In VA, Biden's Disastrous Polling Numbers, and more
Show Details1hr 9min
Why Are They Like This | Dave Chappell & Russell Brand, Don Lemon With More Lies, Workers Fight For Better Wages, New Travel Restrictions, and more
Show Details1hr 29min
There Is No Reality | Nurses Fired, Fat Kids, Hunter Biden, CIA Kidnapping Plot, and more
Show Details1hr 20min
Protect Me From THEM | Biden's New Mandate, Gain Of Function, and Drone Strike Reality
Show Details1hr 20min
It Happened | Kabul Bombings, Onlyfans Flip Flop, Alex Jones Turns On Trump, and More
Show Details58min 2s
Discussing Afghanistan
Show Details35min 10s
America First? | Cuomo's Resignation, US Healthcare Rank, Trump vs Rand Paul, and The Infrastructure Bill
Show Details1hr 34min
Maybe Keep Your Hands To Yourself | Gov. Cuomo Assault Allegations, Kushner/Biden Family Corruption, Kamala's Polling Nightmare, and More
Show Details1hr 12min
FBI Plans To Kidnap Governor | Whitmer Kidnapping Plot, NPR vs Ben Shapiro, Biden Gets Sassy, and Charlie Kirk's Bad Take
Show Details1hr 10min
Focus On The Issue, Not The Party | Medicare Price Negotiation, Brian Stelter Gets Clowned, Rand Paul vs Fauci, and More
Show Details54min 38s
The Culture War Is So HOT Right Now | Media Mudslinging, Psychedelics, Cuba, and More
Show Details1hr 3min
It Could Be Better | Kamala's Fall From Grace, Text Message Monitoring, Trump's Decision, and Overdoses Hit All Time High
Show Details1hr 2min
Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds | Ben Shapiro vs Gwen Berry, Biden Drops Bombs, Football Is Gay, and The Cost Of War
Show Details1hr 11min
Don't Take The Bait | Kamala's Border Visit, Rachel Maddow Isn't News, and Listener Questions
Show Details1hr 6min
I Haven't Been To Europe | Fauci's Arrogance, Charlie Kirk vs Weed, Kamala's Border Mess, Marjorie Taylor Greene vs Science, Wealthy Tax Leak, and Jon Stewart's Lab Leak Rant
Show Details1hr 44min
I Guess Being Full Of Sh*t Is Trending | Fauci Emails, Texas Abortion Law, AOC Votes To Fund Police, Cali's Assault Weapons Ban Ends, Trump's Facebook Ban, and Tim Dillon vs Tesla Owners
Show Details1hr 26min
Leaking, Soaking Wet | Lab Leak Gets Coverage, ATF Nominee Bungles Questioning, Vax Lotteries, The Power Of Dark History, and Over-Awareness
Show Details1hr 5min
It's Like A War Crime But Not | Israeli Arms Deal, Joe Rogan's Problematic Comments, Rachel Maddow Is Scared, Katie Porter Roasts Pharma CEO, Firing Squads Are Back, and Chick-Fil-A Has A Sauce Shortage
Show Details1hr 24min
McVaccinated | Pipeline Cyber Attack, C.D.C.'s Misleading Stats, Lauren Boebert Nonsense, and McDonald's Vax Push
Show Details1hr 8min
Virtue-Signaling War Criminals | Trump's "Social Media" Platform, CIA's Recruitment Video, Bill and Melinda's Split, Pfizer's Wild Profits, Tim Scott, and Dropping Birth Rates
Show Details1hr 29min
The Shame Runs Deep | Biden Allows You Outside, Joe Rogan Gets Mobbed, Mentally Ill Man Gets Harassed, and Tax Talk
Show Details1hr 18min
Turn Up Your Bullsh*t Detector | Caitlyn Jenner For Governor, USPS Spying, K-Hive Troll Farms, Critical Race Theory, and Vax Mixup
Show Details59min 33s
Alright, Alright, Alright | McConaughey For Governor, Troop Withdrawal, New Gun Laws, Court-Packing, Bill Maher's Covid Response, and O'Keefe's Twitter Ban
Show Details1hr 34min
Propaganda Sells | #ExposeCNN, Jordan Peterson as Red Skull, Cost Of Vaccines, Brian Stelter's Nonsense, and More Shootings
Show Details1hr 17min
Maybe Don't Be A Fraud | Matt Gaetz, Georgia Voting Laws, Dan Crenshaw on JRE, Trump Steals From Supporters, and Sperm Counts Dropping
Show Details1hr 21min
Crossing The Line | Vaccine Passports, Lockdown Stats, Lab Leaks, and Satan Shoes
Show Details1hr 17min
PREMIUM PREVIEW | Resistance To Diversity Of Thought
Show Details18min 28s
Guns & Violence | Atlanta, Boulder, And What We Can Do About It
Show Details1hr 24min
The US Is A Reality Show | Biden Tax Hikes, Chris Harrison Steps Down, Brian Stelter Cries About Tucker Carlson
Show Details1hr
The Royal Family Belongs In The Kitchen | Stimulus, Obesity and Covid, Arkansas Abortion Ban, and Burger King
Show Details1hr 7min
Context Matters | Dr. Seuss, Trump at CPAC, $15 Min Wage, Neera Tanden, Cuomo Assault Allegations x 3
Show Details1hr 18min
Fire Power | Air Raids In Syria, Gun Rights Breakdown, LGBT Trends, Cuomo's Scandal, and Bernie vs Wal-Mart
Show Details1hr 18min
This Is Misinformation | Cancelling Fox News, Trump's Third Party, Texas Energy Bills, and Independent Governors
Show Details45min 55s
Ted Cruz Blew It | Premium Episode Sample
Show Details13min 17s
Hold Assholes Accountable | Cuomo vs Old People, Newsom Recall, Gina Carano, and Bernie Being An Ignorant Slut
Show Details53min 56s
Back To School | Candace Owens For President, Impeachment Update, Biden vs CDC, and Teachers vs Parents
Show Details48min 33s
It's For Your Protection | GameStop, Marjorie Taylor Green, CNN vs Fox News, Child Gets Pepper Sprayed, My Pillow Guy Gets Cancelled
Show Details1hr 14min
The Executive Orders That Matter | Keystone Pipeline, Prison Reform, For The People Act, and Buy American
Show Details57min 52s
On That New Sh*t | Bernie, Yang, Joe Exotic, and Biden's Impeachment
Show Details46min 13s
It's About Power | Big Tech Flexes, Impeachment 2.0, Republicans Run From Trump, and Big Pharma Profits
Show Details58min 41s
Bonus: Thoughts On What Happened In DC
Show Details29min 35s
New Year, Same US | Julian Assange, Georgia Runoffs, Stimulus Nonsense, Vaccine Thoughts, and 2021
Show Details1hr 6min
Maybe We Should Break Up | AOC vs Nancy Pelosi, Secession, and P*rnhub Is In Big Trouble
Show Details51min
It'd Be A Whole Lot Cooler If You Did | Matthew McConaughey, Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, and Republicans Disagree on Weed
Show Details45min 37s
Thoughts on Neera Tanden and Hillary Clinton | Premium Wanders Sample
Show Details12min 13s
It's Just "Hate Speech" | Jordan Peterson Makes People Cry, Norway Outlaws Private Conversations, & Agreeing With Candace Owens
Show Details1hr 11min
Who F*cking Cares | Candace Owen vs Harry's Dresses, MAGA Marches Get Violent, and Bill Maher Roasts The Dems
Show Details1hr 1min
Election Breakdown | Drugs Win, Trump Loses, and QAnon Makes It To Congress
Show Details49min 34s
Pre-Election Thoughts | Best & Worst Case for Biden & Trump
Show Details36min 49s
The Internet Is On Fire | Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Zuckerberg, Jack, and The Philly Shooting
Show Details1hr 1min
Getting Heated | Supreme Court and Hunter Biden
Show Details34min 11s
Part Of The Problem | Gretchen Whitmer's Kidnapping, Facebook Bans QAnon, Joe Rogan vs Spotify, and Debate Talk
Show Details1hr 11min
What A Dumpster Fire | Debate #1 Breakdown & Trump Has Covid
Show Details2hr 10min
Wet Ass P-Word | Kamala Harris, Ben Shapiro vs Cardi B, and Bryan Callen's Allegations
Show Details1hr 2min
Demon Sperm All Over The Place | Qanon vs Twitter, Doctor Claims Covid Cure, Military Spending, and Liberal Intolerance
Show Details1hr
Hack Job | Ghislaine Maxwell, White Fragility, Twitter Hacking, and Oklahoma
Show Details43min 43s
#2020VISION | Kanye, Beyonce's Real Identity, and Ghislaine Maxwell Update
Show Details52min 28s
The Unraveling | Ghislaine Maxwell, White Jesus, CHOP Shootings, and EU Travel Bans
Show Details58min 50s
Take A Breath | Crime Bill Blocked, MAGA Students, Statues, and D'Elia Updates
Show Details1hr 13min
Pushing The Limits | CHAZ, Chris D'Elia, Rayshard Brooks
Show Details1hr 34min
You Asked For It | Candace Owens Rebuttal, Defunding Police, and Beau Of The Fifth Column
Show Details1hr 32min
Hypocrisy Is Everywhere | Charges Filed, Drew Brees and Lebron, Trump vs Twitter
Show Details1hr 13min
We're Still Going | Good Cops, Charlie Kirk's Nonsense, Police Using Excessive Force, and Seeking To Understand
Show Details52min
Strategize, Organize, Mobilize | The Press vs Police, Killer Mike's Speech, and A Simple Question That Means Everything
Show Details44min 59s
Riots Are The Voice Of The Unheard | George Floyd, Christian Cooper, and The Bernie Blackout
Show Details54min 5s
Biden Ain't Black | Biden Bloopers (again), Trump's Churches, and Colorblind Culture
Show Details51min 58s
Hey Jealousy | Joe Rogan Gets Paid, Krystal Ball's Hot Takes, Dr. Bill Gets Heated, and Mark Cuban's Presidential Pick
Show Details45min 47s
These Are Our Options | Biden Ads, Trump Ads, and Media Mirroring
Show Details44min 52s
It's About Values | Tomi Lahren's America, Outspoke Officer Gets Fired, Charlie Kirk's White Privilege Takes, and Free College Strategy
Show Details1hr 12min
Sad But Not Surprising | Ahmaud Arbery, Cops Overstepping, and Churches Taking Government Money
Show Details41min 47s
Will You Eat Your Neighbor? | Alex Jones, Murder Hornets, and Idiots With Guns
Show Details34min 7s
Joe Biden's First Sexual Assault Interview Rundown
Show Details24min 57s
This Is Wild | Biden's Sexual Assault, Trump's Angry Tweets, and
Show Details57min 19s
Come On, Man | Dan Crenshaw, Biden's New Ad, and Fox "News"
Show Details1hr 3min
Trumpy Tantrums | Bailout Perspectives, Trump's Media Exchanges, Michigan's Protests
Show Details1hr 11min
Earn It | Bernie, Biden, Joe Rogan, and Trump
Show Details48min 5s
We Will Find A Way | Zoom Sex Parties and Corporate Socialism
Show Details46min 50s
Binge Watch & Chill | Top 3 Quarantine Series
Show Details43min 5s
Read A F*cking Book | Top 3 Books For Quarantine
Show Details22min 43s
We Are Too Soft | Coronavirus Updates, History of Pandemics, and Government Corruption
Show Details37min 8s