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The Confident Charismatic

Jay Hurt is a relationship coach, author, speaker and passionate about helping men develop their charisma, confidence and leadership. If you want to be more attractive, have chemistry with women, create success in your career, and have more leadership and financial opportunities, this is the channel for you. We will explore how to be more confident, how to create connection, how to create vision (as a charismatic leader), and teach men what they need to know to have relationship with the women they desire.

Having Confidence and Charisma create power, influence and develop the life you want. Follow us for more. Let's go!!!


The real reason nice guys finish last
Show Details12min 28s
How to date a model
Show Details9min 25s
Stop competing
Show Details10min 18s
How to Confidently Text Women
Show Details9min 14s
The Truth about Comparison
Show Details11min 20s
How to make her change her mind (about you)
Show Details9min 45s
The truth about becoming a YouTuber
Show Details12min 39s
Charisma is more important than attraction
Show Details5min 59s
Get a pay raise any time you want
Show Details11min 3s
How to date a woman out of your league
Show Details11min 3s
The top Virtues of a Charismatic Leader
Show Details10min 3s
Stop doing these 5 things
Show Details12min 11s
These qualities are IRRESISTIBLE to women
Show Details7min 44s
Five Ways to Command Respect
Show Details10min 32s
How to become a Charismatic leader
Show Details8min 35s
Communication clues to connect with your audience
Show Details7min 29s
The Weapon that makes you Unstoppable
Show Details10min 48s
This ONE trait makes you Magnetic!
Show Details6min 34s
How do I make her fall in Love?
Show Details8min 5s
How to Win Friends
Show Details6min 52s
How to be Attractive
Show Details9min 2s
How to make EVERYONE like you
Show Details5min 36s
3 Ways to Approach a Beautiful Woman (Part 2)
Show Details6min 43s
Five Ways to Influence People
Show Details9min 17s
How to approach a Beautiful Woman (pt 1)
Show Details5min 22s
Make Charisma Your Superpower
Show Details9min 14s