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The Confederate Journal

The Confederate Journal showcases all things confederate. From historical events to folklore to southern cuisine and much more. Join me on an adventure into the Confederacy.


Good Ol' Southern Inventions
Show Details23min 7s
Show Details32min 7s
Return To Our Roots: Southern Agrarianism
Show Details23min 41s
Rise & Fall of Atlanta
Show Details22min 59s
To Sweeten or Not To Sweeten : The Cornbread Discussion
Show Details15min 36s
The Lost Cause of the Confederacy
Show Details17min 31s
College Football in the South
Show Details20min 30s
Correcting The Misinformation: Sweet Iced Tea & Its History
Show Details22min 11s
Introduction & The History of the Mason-Dixon Line
Show Details15min 44s