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The Common Room Couch

Essence and Maddie, on the surface, are unlikely best friends. However, the “common room” brought them together and until the pandemic they have been inseparable. Listen to them continue their engaging “croom” conversations ranging from their personal lives, social justice, art, politics, global events, and the latest pop culture drama. 


Episode 10: Big Banks and the Big Short
Show Details57min 25s
Episode 9: Dystopias and Defund the Police
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 8: The VP and RomComs
Show Details50min 26s
Episode 7: #Selfcare and The Squad
Show Details56min 5s
Episode 6: Black Lives Matter and Social Media Activism
Show Details39min 57s
Episode 5: TikTok and Sex Trafficking
Show Details54min 59s
Episode 4: Decriminalizing Drugs and Criminal Art Prices
Show Details52min 41s
Episode 3: The Kardashians and The Middle Class
Show Details44min 46s
Episode 2: Georgia and The Grammys
Show Details38min 43s
Episode 1: Euphoria and Public School
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 0: Welcome to the Croom!
Show Details29min 6s
The Common Room Couch is Coming!
Show Details1min 40s