The Cold Brew Podcast

John Curran tries to create a podcast out of nothing;

Sometimes he has 'guests' but they're really just his friends; and don't bother listening to series 1.

Series 2 aims to bring the podcast out of the studio and into the everyday -- with a better grasp of what he's trying to achieve, it's bound to be better than the first series!

Catch Cold Brew as its made: Thursdays at 8pm at


Cold Brew -- Video Games
Show Details41min 9s
Cold Brew -- False Start
Show Details14min 27s
Cold Brew -- Christmas Finale
Show Details36min 5s
Cold Brew -- Throwing Back
Show Details23min 22s
Cold Brew -- Headphone chaos
Show Details20min 31s
Cold Brew -- Lemon and Ginger
Show Details17min 39s
Cold Brew -- Waste of my time
Show Details29min 15s
Cold Brew -- Hope in the Thames
Show Details35min 49s
Cold Brew -- Musings of an Amateur Critic
Show Details37min 2s
Cold Brew -- Spooked
Show Details16min 23s
Cold Brew -- Overwhelmed
Show Details26min 45s
Cold Brew -- Trailer
Show Details20s