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The Cluttered Desk

This professional learning podcast is intended to focus on the issues educators face in and out of the classroom. In addition to that, the goal is to look at the current state of education and challenge us to do better. When others tell us it can't be done, we as educators strive to prove them wrong and become the best we can be for our students and ourselves.


Episode 7: Accessibility Pt. 2
Show Details15min 56s
Episode 6: Accessibility Pt. 1
Show Details14min 18s
Episode 5: Accountability
Show Details13min 27s
Episode 4: Second Chances
Show Details8min 27s
Episode 3: 20% Time
Show Details8min 13s
Episode 2: The Teacher Shortage
Show Details10min 37s
Episode 1: Introduction and Digital Citizenship
Show Details8min 14s