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The Closing Room

"Real Estate. Let's talk about it". The Closing Room is the place where we get together with other professionals in the real estate services industries who all have the same goal - get the customer to the closing room. Whether it's the real estate market, mortgage rates, title insurance, homeowners insurance, or property management - we'll keep you up to date with the latest trends, regulations, pitfalls to avoid, or opportunities to pursue.


Evan Elsea - Episode 9
Show Details27min 2s
Diane Howard - Episode 8
Show Details33min 2s
Eric Chase - Episode 7
Show Details25min 1s
Jennifer Essary - Episode 6
Show Details26min 18s
Jack Lane - Episode 5
Show Details38min 13s
Joe Bigelman - Episode 4
Show Details26min 25s
Conne Terova - Episode 3
Show Details24min 27s
Morgan Detvay - Episode 2
Show Details23min 28s
Julie Lepore - Episode 1
Show Details30min 45s