048 The Charles Matthews Show with Maryam Milani on Healing

37m | Jul 15, 2020
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The Charles Matthews Show with Maryam Milani on healing
I help people let go of the pain of the past and move into the future with freedom, love, peace and joy.
I too have suffered, and my search for a release from my pain gave me the knowledge to help other people get free too.
I grew up in a war zone, was sexually abused and then told it was my fault. In fact, I was told I would go to hell for it.
For decades I tried to just "get over it" and go on with life, but it was not so easy. Plagued with anxiety, depression, loneliness and a feeling that something was wrong with me, I never made the connection between my childhood experiences and my day-to-day pain. No matter how hard I tried to do all the right things in life - get a good education ( I have an MBA and Ph.D. in Business Administration), a good job - I felt broken and I couldn't understand why. I'd look at other people who seemed to enjoy life and wonder how they could do it.
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