The Oxford Charger Podcast

Welcome to The Charger Podcast! This is your chance to sit in on conversations with coaches, players, and other folks connected to Oxford High School and Oxford Middle School athletics. The Chargers of Oxford, MS have had great success over the years and look forward to many more to come.


Coach Drew Tyler - Charger Basketball Coach
Show Details50min 26s
Coach Tabitha Beard - Charger Softball Coach
Show Details31min 55s
Coach Jason Wilfawn - Charger Strength & Conditioning
Show Details36min 47s
AD Mike Martin - Oxford Charger Podcast
Show Details59min 36s
Coach Hunter Crane - Lady Charger Soccer Coach
Show Details55min 31s
Coach Cliff Ormon - Charger Girls Basketball Coach
Show Details35min 10s
Coach Chris Baughman - Oxford Charger Baseball Coach
Show Details41min 49s
Coach Chris Patton - Charger XC & TF Coach
Show Details40min 49s
Coach Chris Cutcliffe - Charger Football Coach
Show Details41min 19s
The Charger Podcast - Trailer
Show Details58s