Dame Dash Calls Out Vlad as a Culture Vulture & Being Served For $300K by Rachel Roy

Season 1 | Episode 5
1h 24m | Oct 22, 2023

Dame Dash doesn't hold back in this explosive episode of The CEO Show. From calling out Vlad as a culture vulture to revealing the hefty $300K he got served by Rachel Roy, Dame keeps it real and raw. But that's not all. Dive deep as Dame sits down with the Hood Therapist Dr. Taje Moreno for a special LIVE recorded episode to work out some of the latest challenges that come when you're a CEO. Joining him for their own sessions in the chair with Taje are Sheron Barber and Steven Barter, CEOs of their own companies with their own similar but unique problems. Special performances from Nicky Licky, Hooligan Premo, Sheron Barber, & Bel-La. Don't miss out on this insider's look into the world of hip-hop, drama, and the challenges of being at the top.

The CEO Show with Dame Dash