The Captain's Code

Hosted by former professional athlete and captain of the U.S. Men’s Eagles Blaine Scully, The Captain’s Code is a show about high-performance teams and the significant role that team leaders play in making these cultures of excellence possible. More than just a title, captains are bestowed with great responsibility and expectations from both their coaches and teammates alike. The Captain’s Code dives deep into what makes a great captain, and the hard-earned lessons in leadership from those who have held the role. Produced by XV Media, and BrandForward. 


Episode 8: In Conversation with Steven Webster
Show Details29min 13s
Episode 7: In Conversation with Todd Dunivant
Show Details36min 34s
Episode 6: In Conversation with Ann Kletz
Show Details33min 26s
Episode 5: In Conversation with Coach Tom Billups
Show Details28min 51s
Episode 4: In Conversation with Casey Schwab
Show Details34min 38s
Episode 3: In Conversation with Tara Moeller
Show Details31min 57s
Episode 2: In Conversation with Coach Jack Clark
Show Details26min 47s
Episode 1: In Conversation with Al Guido
Show Details23min 16s
Coming Soon: The Captain's Code (Exclusive Trailer)
Show Details1min 16s