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The Business Mindset Podcast

The Business Mindset Podcast is designed for anyone yearning for direction, motivation, inspiration, and focus in life and business. Host Lois Ugbe is a Business Consultant, an Author, an Affiliate marketing expert, a Web designer- Lead designer at AvivTech and She has consistently been an influencing voice in the lives of many in different areas around the world ranging from growth to business, relationship and more. This led to a profound recognition on the media as one of the young people in Nigeria to look out for in the year 2021.

Her Visionary perspective has earned her the opportunities to work with global brands like Learnoflix Affiliate Programme, Creanovate Africa, Pureweb Technologies, Kwiki Karts, and AvivTech. 

Currently, she uses her skills to help businesses and people thrive in their industries. 

If you're ready to take your life and business to the next level, or searching for more purpose or you need extra inspiration or motivation, tune in to The Business Mindset Podcast.

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010 : 3 sales mistakes that's costing your business
Show Details4min 13s
009: Why You Are Not Closing The Sale
Show Details5min 19s
008: How To Stay Consistent With Your Goals
Show Details5min 22s
007 : Increase Your Sales Without Paid Ads
Show Details4min 39s
006: The High Ticket Mindset With Ibukun Fashina
Show Details39min 14s
005: 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Pitch
Show Details9min 11s
Bonus Tip: Handling the ' I will get back to you' objection
Show Details3min 32s
004 : The Art of Closing The Sale With Samuel Jibowu
Show Details43min 22s
003: Building Social Capital (Strategic Relationships)
Show Details3min 56s
002 : 5 Tips To Developing The Right Mindset
Show Details5min 42s
001: The Right Mindset
Show Details4min 47s
Introduction To The Business Mindset Podcast
Show Details31s