When the dog bites and the bee stings, do you know how to find gratitude?

Season 3 | Episode 31
12m | Feb 23, 2022

In this season of the podcast, I am singing you a song that I sing to my children at night when I'm putting them to sleep. After I share the song with you, I'll tell you the lesson that I hope to be teaching both myself and my children with the song and I hope it's a lesson that will resonate with you, too.

My Favorite Things was sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, and it is one of my favorite songs to sing at night to my kids when I am putting them to bed. 

When we lay down at night, and we're getting ready to go to sleep, we slow ourselves and in that slowness, I think it's natural that it's a time where concerns can come up or things that are troubling you can come to the surface. They find that space, in that stillness that is being created by the night time ritual of slowing down and of getting ready to sleep and getting ready to rest.

When those concerns or worries have come up for my children, as I am getting them ready for bed, one thing we have done is to use this song to identify their favorite things. We swap out the words, so that we're singing about something that really resonates for them.


I think it’s really important, and something that I work on with my kids, that we identify and acknowledge those things that are the dog bites and the bee stings and the things that make them feel sad. Because by identifying what those things are and voicing them and discussing them and naming them, it gives us the ability to release those worries.

This song teaches us that when the dog bites and the bee stings are happening, then we can also think of our favorite things. To me, what this really means is coming back to gratitude. 

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