Using Meditation to Dive Below the Crashing Waves to Find Peace Within

Season 4 | Episode 32
15m | Mar 9, 2022

In this new season, which is Season 4 of the podcast, beginning with Episode 32, I am sharing with you about my journey with meditation. I'm also sharing a particular meditation in each episode that I love, and that I hope you will love too.

If you haven't already listened to Episode number 2 of this podcast, My Breakdown That Led to My Breakthrough: Why I don't Work on Sundays or Go Without My Morning Routine, I would encourage you to click the “click here and listen now” button below and to go back and listen to Episode 2. Then, after you've listened to it, come back and listen to this new episode. In Episode 2, I told you about what led me to developing my morning routine. I also talked with you about all of the different components of my morning routine. One of those components, and the component that I want to talk with you more about today, in this episode, is meditation.

Have you tried meditation and found it frustrating? 

Do you wish that you could feel the benefits from meditation but it just hasn't worked for you yet? 

Are you ready to be so present in your joy, so that when you finish a meditation, you are in an incredibly beautiful, peaceful state, where you feel like you are limitless? 

If so, this episode is for you! 

The meditation I am sharing  with you today, that is a five minute meditation that I love, is called I Am the Sea and it's by Carmen Warrington. 

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