Using Meditation to Develop Your Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

Season 4 | Episode 33
8m | Mar 23, 2022

In this new season, which is Season 4 of the podcast, I am sharing with you about my journey with meditation. I'm also sharing a particular meditation in each episode that I love, and that I hope you will love too.

Meditation for me is about discovering that Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

The more that I practice meditation, the more I am able to encounter my feelings in a productive and healthy way.

In this episode, I talk with you about a mediation I tried that incorporated working with our chakra energy centers and also incorporated affirmations. 

I hope that as you listen to this episode and as you try out meditation, that you also feel that sense of wonder, that sense of joy of getting to learn something new, and that sense of freedom that comes with practicing being more present in this one precious life that we get to live. 

Could you use a little more joy in your life? 

Could you benefit from feeling a sense of wonder? 

Could trying a little something new and different be just what you need right now? 

Are you ready to be fully present for this one precious life that you get to live? 

If so, I hope you'll tune into this episode! 

The meditation I am sharing  with you today, that is a twelve minute meditation that I love, is called Unlock Energy - Chakra Meditation and it’s by Amanda Sellers. 

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