Let go of Pursuing Perfection & Decide That Your Best Is Good Enough

Season 2 | Episode 24
18m | Nov 17, 2021

I am here to remind you of a truth you know in your heart but that you might sometimes forget: You are enough and your best is always good enough! 

Today on the podcast, I'm sharing with you my transition from being someone who was never satisfied with anything less than perfection to becoming someone who gives myself so much appreciation for doing my best. Here are some reasons why you should choose to do your best rather than striving to be perfect: 

  1. Perfect is unattainable.
  2. Your best is always good enough.
  3. When you strive to do your best, you think more creatively.
  4. Making mistakes allows you to redirect. 

Are you ready to shed your perfectionistic tendencies that are holding you back, and step into the grounded energy of being someone who knows that your best is good enough? I hope you'll tune in so we can explore this journey together. 

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