Using Meditation to Develop Gratitude and Love for Your Body

Season 4 | Episode 35
8m | Apr 20, 2022

In this season, which is Season 4 of the podcast, I am sharing with you about my journey with meditation. I'm also sharing a particular meditation in each episode that I love, and that I hope you will love too.

The meditation that I'm talking about in today's episode is a body scan. In case you haven't done a body scan before, I'll tell you a little bit about my experience. You're guided by the person doing the meditation to give attention to different parts of your body, usually starting with one end of your body and ending with another end of your body. 

It's a really special experience to be still and to give your body that much attention, which is part of doing a body scan.

Resting your awareness on each part of your body is a special experience.

When I am engaged in a body scan, what comes up for me is this immense gratitude for:

  • how my body takes care of me,
  • how it functions in a way that allows me to be in this world in a way that I want to be in this world, and
  • how it allows me to be active to run up hills, to play with my children, and to do all these beautiful things that having a healthy body allows me to do.

By engaging in a body scan, for me it’s a gratitude practice of being appreciative for my body as a whole, and also being appreciative of every little aspect of my body.

Are you ready to develop more love for your body? 

Are you ready to develop deep appreciation of your body? 

When you develop love and appreciation for your body, and for all aspects of you, you will experience more peace, more presence, and more joy in your life, and I hold all those hopes in my heart for you. 

The meditation I am sharing  with you today, that is a twenty-four minute meditation that I love, is called Bodyscan With Rumi and it’s by Schalk Neethling.  

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