The Broken System - Season 3 Episode 1: The Tragic Death of Amber Spradlin

Season 3 | Episode 1
27m | Jun 18, 2024

Join host Robert Parmer on The Broken System Podcast as we delve into the tragic and unresolved murder of Amber Spradlin in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. Amber, a beloved 38-year-old woman, was found brutally stabbed eleven times in the head, neck, and throat on June 18, 2023, after spending the evening with friends and her boss, Dr. Mike McKinney. The case highlights serious issues with local emergency response protocols, as a 911 call made from the scene went unanswered. Listen as we explore the details of this haunting case, the investigation led by the Kentucky State Police, and the pressing concerns about the 911 dispatch system. Tune in to uncover the dark truths behind Amber's tragic death and the search for justice.

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