Music Producer/Beat Maker & Podcaster Troy Greene AKA "BRO" brings you " THE BRO SHOW ". The Bro Show brings to you weekly interviews with rappers, actors/actress, politicians, criminals and entertainers. The Bro show gives you historical, untold, exclusive stories inside the lives of entertainers, rappers, politicians and criminals.


Late Night Thuggin Ep. 10 TragedyDaBoss
Show Details1hr 20min
Magnolia Projects Ep. 9 Magnolia Levee
Show Details1hr 5min
South Central Ktoefornia Ep. 8 Ktoe
Show Details1hr 45min
Buff City, Detroit Ep. 7 J-Roca
Show Details1hr 8min
Growing Up Afro - Latina Ep. 6 Tiffany Banks
Show Details45min 22s
Leave The Gangs Behind Ep. 5 Mister CR
Show Details43min 51s
From Hustle To Ruthless Ep. 4 Yvonne Senat-Jones
Show Details1hr 5min
SneakerHeads Only Ep. 3 1DOLLAMIKE
Show Details1hr 43min
Inventors Of Da Whoop Ep. 2 JUNE DAWG
Show Details1hr 22min
Intellectual Gangster Ep. 1 BRONCOE
Show Details1hr 42min