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Music Producer/Beat Maker & Podcaster Troy Greene AKA "BRO" brings you " THE BRO SHOW ". The Bro Show brings to you weekly interviews with rappers, actors/actress, politicians, criminals and entertainers. The Bro show gives you historical, untold, exclusive stories inside the lives of entertainers, rappers, politicians and criminals.


South Central to Miami Ep. 13 MNS Dank & Savage Mell
Show Details26min 45s
Late Night Thuggin 2 Ep. 12 Tragedy Da Boss
Show Details1hr 28min
EastCoast Crip Ep. 11 Nina Boy
Show Details23min 15s
Late Night Thuggin Ep. 10 Tragedy Da Boss
Show Details1hr 20min
Magnolia Projects Ep. 9 Magnolia Levee
Show Details1hr 5min
South Central Ktoefornia Ep. 8 Ktoe
Show Details1hr 45min
Buff City, Detroit Ep. 7 J-Roca
Show Details1hr 8min
Growing Up Afro - Latina Ep. 6 Tiffany Banks
Show Details45min 22s
Leave The Gangs Behind Ep. 5 Mister CR
Show Details43min 51s
From Hustle To Ruthless Ep. 4 Yvonne Senat-Jones
Show Details1hr 5min
SneakerHeads Only Ep. 3 1DOLLAMIKE
Show Details1hr 43min
Inventors Of Da Whoop Ep. 2 June Dawg
Show Details1hr 22min
Intellectual Gangster Ep. 1 Broncoe
Show Details1hr 42min